John Wiley Price’s Lone Opposition to the Coronavirus Crackdown

by | Apr 13, 2020


Some people will be heralding Texas Governor Greg Abbott for his announcement today that he will be taking yet-to-be-explained steps to allow the reopening sometime of some businesses closed in the state’s coronavirus crackdown. Easing up on the restrictions is a positive for liberty. But, if you are looking for someone to admire for taking on the coronavirus crackdown in Texas, I suggest Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price fits the bill much better.

In the name of countering coronavirus, Abbott has spent the last few weeks imposing a series of draconian restrictions on the actions of people in Texas, all the while shifting the blame for his actions to the United States government.

In contrast, in an April 3 Dallas County Commissioners Court meeting, Price was speaking out strongly against the extending of a disaster declaration that would allow the county government to exercise extreme powers including the shutting down of many businesses in the county that includes the city of Dallas, Texas. The extension passed with Wiley casting the sole vote in opposition.

Watch here a report from the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex’s NBC-TV station that highlights some of Price’s action in the county commission meeting.


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