John ‘Torture Memo’ Yoo is Sick of Laws That Limit War

by | Sep 3, 2013

Neocon John Yoo — you know, the guy who tortured the English language to pave the way for Bush to continue torturing people — has had enough of messing around with laws and constitutions:

It is time for the United States to stop hiding behind such obsolete, formalistic views of the laws of war and embrace a pragmatic approach in keeping with long American practice.

Such is the mentality of unlimited power. If the war machine wants something, the war machine gets it! Now is not the time to bring up that parchment paper with the law of the land written on it; especially not after all these years of breaking and ignoring it!

Yoo seeks for the U.S. to not only attack Syria immediately, but to go full force. This is not a time to send a message, but to (once again) replace another government:

Removing the Assad regime, and thus ending the Syrian civil war, would restore regional and global security.

Isn’t that a rosey picture? John Yoo, the person who provided legal cover for the most egregious and medieval of then-President Bush’s torture practices, has the chutzpah to judge the behavior of a foreign leader? Talk about a man without a moral compass!

The truth is nowhere to be seen though. Syria is surely not a threat to “global security”. Assad is fighting a civil war against others who want to control the Syrian state. He’s not looking to become the next Genghis Khan.

When it comes to “regional” security, we are well past the time for neocons to look into the mirror. Neocon foreign policy has turned the Middle East into a tinderbox where it has not already turned it into a wasteland! Whether it’s leaving complete disasters in Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan, or the U.S.’s “influence” in Saudi Arabia and Egypt; every step has led more and more “instability”.

The Neocon track record is horrendous. Can they point to even one single success? For Obama and Congress to follow them into yet another disaster in Syria would indicate that the American government has completely lost its moral, rational, and economic sense.