Jennifer Rubin’s Obsession With An Israeli Attack On Iran

by | Feb 1, 2014


Neocon commissar, Jennifer Rubin, is one of the loudest voices in calling for Iran to be turned into a parking lot. She doesn’t put all her eggs (i.e., bombs) in one basket either. If the U.S. doesn’t take the lead in the destruction, she has a backup plan: the Israeli military.

Watch her obsession unfold over time:

  • 2013 – May 20 – Israel’s government, now a broad-based coalition, and its citizens are united on this issue: Iran can’t get the bomb, and Israel will act if need be.
  • 2013 – Oct. 1 – And if Obama does not achieve real success, Israel will act. Alone. What is so refreshing about Netanyahu is that he leaves no wiggle room, no equivocation.
  • 2013 – Oct. 16 – Congress will need to be the voice of realism. Otherwise, it seems inevitable that Israel will act militarily sooner rather than later.
  • 2013 – Nov. 26 – If Congress doesn’t act there will be only one option to preventing an Iran with a nuclear weapons capability: Israeli military action.
  • 2013 – Dec. 9 – We are now at the point many conservative critics predicted: It is up to Israel to remove the threat of a nuclear armed Iran and a Middle East nuclear arms race.
  • 2013 – Dec. 20 – If so, we’ve got a potential national security disaster looming and a greater chance for an Israeli military strike, precisely what President Obama wants to avoid.
  • 2014 – Jan. 13 – Congress should act promptly. Otherwise, the only thing standing between the West and a nuclear-armed Iran will be an Israeli military strike.
  • 2014 – Jan. 31 – Israel will act…Israel, with support from many in the West and Congress, will do what it must.

Rubin surely believes that Israel can start the bombing, and the U.S. will have no choice but to act as a backstop. Sadly, she may be correct. The U.S. has foolishly mired itself in various forms of entangling alliances, which are all against the wishes of the U.S.’s Founding Fathers. But Rubin’s nefarious angle is not a shoe-in. Last year’s rebuke of Obama, and his desire to strike Syria shows that Americans are tired of these unconstitutional wars.

The U.S. should remove itself from everyone else’s business in the Middle East. Israel should be completely responsible for its own actions. No backstops. As Dr. Paul has said: “I think they’re quite capable of taking care of themselves.”

Rubin doesn’t see it this way, of course. Somebody better get started on the Iranian Parking Lot Project. And if the U.S. doesn’t do it, she’s obviously very confident that Israel will.