It really was just the flu, bro

by | Jun 17, 2023


Occam’s razor is not a one-size-fits-all problem-solving principle, but it’s often times the most helpful philosophical approach to tuning out the noise and focusing on the most important facts to reconstruct what actually happened.

And if we engage the Occam’s razor principle, the truth about covid hysteria appears undeniable.

If we remove the convoluted narratives being spun by the pseudoscience-heavy professions that are virology, epidemiology, and “public health,” the answer is clear to any rational thinker.

Yes, it was just the flu, bro.


At the onset of the covid hysteria era, the “experts” took pains to tell us that this was no ordinary viral outbreak, but a “novel” virus situation that required a novel response, through the infamous “measures” that resulted in the destruction of civilization.

Why was this seasonal respiratory infection outbreak different than any other seasonal respiratory infection outbreak?

First, we were told that the novel virus carried unique symptoms for those burdened by the disease.

But there were no unique symptoms for those burdened by the disease.

According to the CDC, flu symptoms include “fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills and/or fatigue.”

According to the CDC, covid symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills and/or fatigue.

The most common “novel” symptom that was promoted was a temporary mitigation of taste and smell. Weird. Must be a bioweapon or something, right?

Wrong. The loss of taste and smell is common for any and all upper respiratory tract infections.

Then they told us that this was different from flu season because it was a novel coronavirus. This bolstered the fear element because, despite being in the same family as the common cold, there was no way it could be “just the flu, bro.” Well, structurally speaking, it is a coronavirus versus an influenza virus. Yet prior to the establishment of the covid testing industrial complex (which brought in over $100 billion a year at its peak), flu was almost always diagnosed by the symptoms, not by a PCR test, and again, covid symptoms are virtually identical to flu symptoms.

During the Wuhan hysteria, the “experts’ tried to convince us that this virus is clearly much more lethal AND contagious than the flu (which is logically improbable if not impossible), citing the weird Wuhan Zombieland situation that was clearly being manipulated by various state actors, for reasons unknown. Yet the most reputable and cited scientists early on hypothesized that there was little to no difference in lethality between covid and the flu, and they turned out to be correct.

There were no novel symptoms. There was no novel treatment. There was nothing significantly alarming or threatening about this “bioweapon” to 99+% of the population.

The covid era may go down in the history books as a pandemic of the century, but this is entirely based on the most widespread government-incentivized statistical fraud known to man.


We witnessed the fastest roll up of power in human history, all based on the premise that there was something novel when no such novel situation existed, other than the claim that the virus was novel, but no novel actions were needed.

The best explanation for covid is that it was just the flu (not in virological terms but in how the annual respiratory season is understood), repackaged to appear much scarier. Trillions of dollars in waste and fraud, and billions of damaged lives later, I suppose you can say that the mission was accomplished, but at a devastating toll to humanity.

It’s worth remembering this when watching all of the geopolitical noise over the lab leak debate. A flu-like virus was not responsible for wrecking society and sending millions into poverty and famine. No, that was the work of the people in charge of society.

Flu season was just recategorized as covid, and there was nothing particularly unique about it.

It really was just the flu, bro.

Reprinted with permission from The Dossier.
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