Handing Off Ron Paul's Chevette 'Green Pea'

by | Nov 14, 2013

We gathered last weekend at Dr. Paul’s house in Texas to hand over the keys to the famous 1979 Chevette “green pea” to generous Ron Paul Institute donors Jonathan and Nita Cole. Readers will recall that this is the car that made then-Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill see red when Paul’s then-chief of staff Lew Rockwell had the House photographer take a picture of it parked next to the Speaker’s gas guzzler as he was calling for rationing for everyone else.

In addition to the Chevette, Mr. Cole was given some related memorabilia, including a signed photograph of the Chevette next to O’Neill’s limo, the press release issued when the photograph was taken — signed by then chief of staff Lew Rockwell — and magnetic Ron Paul campaign signs to go on the side of the car.

The car was delivered to Mr. Cole with the original Texas 22nd Congressional District plates that Dr. Paul used when he drove it around Washington, D.C. — including when he packed it full of six people to go watch the Ronald Reagan inauguration! Being small and having Congressional plates, Dr. Paul told Mr. Cole at the handoff that the car could be parked just about anywhere without any trouble.

A video was shot of the handover ceremony which will be put up on the RPI website shortly. In the meantime, below are a few photographs of the handover ceremony.

Though Dr. Paul has no more Chevettes to auction off to benefit his Institute for Peace and Prosperity, we at RPI very much rely on our readers and supporters to allow us to keep promoting Dr. Paul’s freedom philosophy of non-intervention and peace. Please consider becoming a member of the Ron Paul Institute for as little as $50.

Carol Car
Mrs. Paul hands over photo of Chevette and limo.

Keys Car
Handing over the keys to the Coles.

Started Car
“It started!”

Driving Car
Driving away.


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