Coronavirus: Ten Things to Think About

by | Mar 30, 2020


1. All of this can be solved by following the voluntary principle: If you are worried then stay home. If you are willing to assume the risk then go to work. Going to work means you may interact with people and thus get sick. It’s a risk. The other people at work took on this risk of their own choosing too. Life is full of risks. Not going to work has its own obvious risks associated with it. Let people choose their own paths based on their own risk tolerance and voluntary choices. Don’t impose your view via government force on those of us that peacefully disagree with you.

2. There have been 23,000 US deaths so far this year due to flu, 3,000 from coronavirus. Worldwide stats are roughly in parallel. Legitimate population samples and common sense show that the virus has infected way more people than reported by the immoral news organizations that make money off this hysteria. It is highly likely that REAL death rates are closer to .05 percent rather than the oft-emphasized 3 percent.

3. Social Distancing makes people distrust one another. People that are afraid of each other are easier to control. We just had a house fire and while nobody will shake my hand because they’re afraid to death of coronavirus, they’ll happily walk around in the burned down home without a respirator. Of course the burned down house is far more likely to be an immediate and serious health threat. Anyone else see a problem here?

4. I have already seen certain local governments posting websites for all of us to tell on each other for congregating in groups. My wife has had skeptical posts removed from Facebook. Sounds a lot like the secret police to me.

5. Will they soon be forcibly vaccinating my whole family even though there’s a huge chance I’m naturally immune to this virus already? What if I don’t want the vaccine? What if I would rather develop a natural immunity? Am I going to be targeted (modern day witch hunt) as a bio terrorist germ spreader if I want to contract the cold and let my body beat it on its own? Of course, since vaccines have all kinds of toxins in them and since they’ll also get rushed to market in the hysteria, there’s a huge likelihood making me take the vaccine would do more harm than good. Is anyone going to be held responsible for that if it were to happen?

6. Everyone’s job is “essential” to their own ability to put food on their table. I’m tired of people telling my wife and I that her work as a realtor isn’t essential. Tell that to my kids. The government does not have a right to make it illegal to work and then pretend to solve the problem by printing money it does not have. Of course, printing money only steals the purchasing power of what little savings people do have in the bank to cover themselves during this absurd moment in time. How about just getting out of the way?

7. The first amendment to the constitution is supposed to guarantee the right of Americans to peacefully assemble with their fellow man. THAT IS, TO PEACEFULLY PROTEST AS A GROUP. What happens when I get together with >10 people to protest this insane coronavirus lockdown that does nothing to stop the spread of a disease the government is likely 6 months behind? I would probably spend 6 months in jail and everyone would tell me I’m trying to kill their grandparents. INSANE! There is no provision in the constitution that allows for this fundamental human right to assemble to be ignored during the coronavirus or at any other time. Therefore, like most things the US government does, this is fundamentally illegal nonsense.

8. The government has no money. It has to steal everything it gets and since it’s in the red, it has to print the $2 trillion out of thin air. The one honest guy in the House of Representatives, Thomas Massie, called this a huge wealth transfer from the masses to the rich with $1200 as the cheese in the trap. He is exactly right. He is of course getting slaughtered in the press for trying to force other representatives to at least put their names on the vote. Of course, the insane bipartisan consensus of stupidity is slaughtering him for having enough integrity to ask for ACCOUNTABILITY. They just say he’s trying to make us all sick by coming back to DC to vote! Again, Insane.

9. The Federal Reserve (the small group of economics PhDs who have the monopoly privilege to counterfeit money and falsely believe that they can model human action as an equilibrium equation) just said they would backstop all debt. So here we go again only this time it’s worse. Now the Fed has established three new lending facilities to buy corporate bonds.

So first they print the money to keep prices from falling in ’08 to a level where private citizens could afford houses. Then they bought up all the mortgages (so the Fed really owns all the homes in America). Now they’re printing up more money to buy all the big companies. So soon the Fed will own all the businesses because who can compete with a printing press. Who needs a communist revolution when you have central banking?

Welcome to 1984 in the central banking states of America.

10. And last, but not least, both Chinese and American politicians seem intent to blame each other for the virus. So maybe they’ll top it all of with a cherry on top… another war anyone? Give it a few years I’m sure it’s coming. After all, Hitler took over when the Weimar Republic printed its currency into oblivion. I don’t remember that working out too well.

People need to start pushing back against this insanity.

Reprinted with author’s permission.


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