Common, Not Rare: ‘Breakthrough’ Cases Have Become Jailbreak Cases

by | Nov 23, 2021


With millions of Americans registering “breakthrough” cases of COVID-19, one thing has become clear: the Rapidly Changing Science is turning yesterday’s guarantees into today’s falsehoods. In no area is this more apparent than in examining COVID “breakthrough” cases.

There remains a heated debate about all aspects of the COVID shots. What is no longer debatable, however, is the idea that the mRNA shots provide a high level of long term protection against infection with COVID-19. This idea is now an old myth from the ancient past of 3 months ago.

“Breakthrough” cases have officially become jailbreak cases. You’re not alone if you’ve acquired COVID-19 post shots. You, your friends and family are not anomalies. Contrary to corporate press reporting and “public health expert” guarantees, you didn’t hit the wrong side of the lottery. Turns out, your situation is about as rare as a cloth mask littered on a city street. That is, not rare at all, but very common.

Nowhere is this reality more striking than in the hysterical, maniacal politicians locking down again in Europe, coupled with the notably absent COVID problems in Africa.

And by examining the recent COVID-19 data here in the United States, it’s clear that the “protection” claims are rapidly disintegrating.

Check out this data point.

Connecticut, which is tied for the highest COVID shot compliance rate in the United States, is currently seeing the worst outbreak in all of the United States.

With 72% of the population labeled “fully vaccinated,” (and 83% of the state taking at least one dose) Connecticut has seen a 117% increase in COVID cases in the last two weeks.

Now check out this screenshot, updated as of Monday by The New York Times. The most “fully vaccinated” states are all seeing a major increase in COVID cases.


The “breakthrough” narrative is so dead and buried that The Times stopped reporting its vaxxed vs unvaxxed comparisons over two months ago, on September 4th. That’s probably because they can no longer nitpick data to support their preferred policy outcome (compulsory injections).

Moreover, here’s the numbers from the least compliant states. It is totally detached from anything having to do with mRNA shots. Just don’t conclude that this is a seasonal issue. The “public health experts” say seasonality isn’t real. Don’t believe your lying eyes:


Let’s go back in the time machine to… a little earlier this year, when we were promised the shots would stop the spread and even produce “herd immunity.”

Sadly, the much-hyped, once-promised as “miracle cure” COVID shots have not produced the long term infection blocking results claimed by the “public health expert” class and pharmaceutical companies that marketed them.

I can go on and on, but a full list of the fraudulent claims would take an entire year at this point.

The collapse of the “breakthrough” and “rare” claims should bring an end to the idea that vaccine passports have any basis in scientific reality. If they work so well, why can’t anyone demonstrate it with a single data point? Millions of Americans are testing positive for COVID-19 regardless of their compliance status. Of course, movement passports are morally objectionable, putting aside the fraudulent scientific merits. COVID mandates as a whole have proven to be nothing more than tyrannical control measures, utilized as a cudgel to force individuals to surrender their unalienable rights.

Reprinted with permission from The Dossier.
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