Col. Lawrence Wilkerson Derides US Support of “Moderate” Syria Insurgents

by | Sep 17, 2014

RPI Academic Board Member Lawrence Wilkerson, speaking Monday with Ed Schultz on MSNBC, derided United States government support for “moderate” Syria insurgents, noting that you cannot sort out who you are bombing and who you are arming. Wilkerson, a College of William and Marry professor and former US Army colonel, warns that the so-called moderate Syria insurgents are aligned with ISIS and “like the mujahideen in Afghanistan earlier, they’re going to be turning their weapons at some point against us.”

Asked about “moderate” Syria insurgents, Wilkerson comments, “I just don’t think there are any,” emphasizing the point by suggesting that, if one is found, Wilkerson would like to “put him in a test tube and study him.” Pointing to the recent signing of a non-aggression pact among “moderate” Syria insurgents and ISIS, Wilkerson says “that tells me there is a lot of sympathy and empathy between those two different groups of forces.”

Watch the complete interview here:

Wilkerson also takes on in the interview the “insane advice” of “the two leading warmongers, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham” and other neoconservatives that US ground troops be used in the war on ISIS. Following this advice, Wilkerson warns, would unify people behind “killing the United States Marines and soldiers in their presence.”


  • Adam Dick

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