CDC Blames Life Expectancy Decrease on Coronavirus, Ignores Contribution of Coronavirus Shots and Government Coronavirus Policies

by | Dec 23, 2022


Even long after most people have left the coronavirus scare behind, you can count on the United States government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to keep the coronavirus fearmongering going. The latest example of this is the CDC’s Thursday report “Mortality in the United States, 2021” blaming coronavirus for much of the decrease in life expectancy for Americans registered for the years 2020 and 2021. Ignored in the report is the great contribution to this dire development apparently caused by federal, state, and local government policies taken in a supposed effort to counter coronavirus, including the harmful effects of experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots that government officials routinely and falsely touted as “safe and effective.”

The drop in life expectancy the CDC reports is significant — a decrease of 1.8 years in 2020 and an additional 0.6 years in 2021, bringing the life expectancy of Americans down to 76.4 years. Covid-19 is listed in the report as the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. But nowhere mentioned are deaths caused by government actions taken in the name of countering coronavirus, including deaths caused by the coronavirus shots. Indeed, the words “shot” and “vaccine” are not even mentioned in the report.

The “warp speed” fast-tracked experimental coronavirus shots never went through the normal process for judging safety and efficacy. That process itself leaves much to be desired. But, even its minimal precautions were thrown out the window to make the experimental shots quickly available and to then push them with relentless marketing and even mandates that people take the shots in order to work at their jobs and, through the imposition of vaccine passport mandates, to take part in other day-to-day activities.

Soon after adults started taking the shots, reports to the US government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) went through the roof. Instead of shutting down the promotion of the shots upon the tripping of this government-created indicator of danger, the push continued. In addition, over time shots were approved, based on scanty claims of safety and efficacy, for children and even babies as well. The push was then on to pressure parents to have their children — who were at very low risk of serious sickness or death from coronavirus — injected, even through requiring such shots as a precondition for attending school. While the US government now admits some dangerous side effects of the shots, it seems willfully ignorant of the great expanse of harm from the shots indicated by reporting systems including VAERS and scientific studies.

So extreme is this tunnel vision support for the shots that the CDC dare not even mention in its new report the possibility that the shots have contributed to the fall in life expectancy over the time period of 2020 through 2021 that coincides with when people have been taking those shots. This is especially concerning since research is increasingly suggesting that the shots are causing many injuries and deaths due to medical conditions that are among the top ten causes of death listed in the report, including heart disease that comes in at number one.

The CDC’s new report also nowhere mentions other government actions proclaimed to have been in responses to coronavirus that appear, in addition to the shots, to have contributed to increased deaths since 2020. These government actions include shunning mention of actions people could take to improve their immunity to coronavirus, discouraging and even cracking down on the providing of early treatment to people with coronavirus and instead directing them to wait until their condition is so dire that they must seek admission to a hospital, encouraging hospitals to put coronavirus patients on conveyor belts to death through the adopting of protocols including the widespread use of ventilators and remdesivir, depriving nursing home residents and hospital patients — with and without coronavirus — of visits from friends and family members who could provide support and advocacy for better care, directing the canceling and delaying of non-coronavirus medical care and surgeries resulting in the worsening of patients’ condition, urging and mandating that people stay isolated resulting in increased mental problems and alcohol and drug risks, and shutting down businesses or limiting their operation depriving owners and employees of economic and emotional vitality that is important to maintaining good health. This is a partial list. Notably, none of these and other government actions are considered in the new CDC report.

Also, it should be kept in mind that reported coronavirus deaths have been inflated throughout the coronavirus scare by including deaths of many people who died just “with” coronavirus but not “from” coronavirus. This has been a key part of the fearmongering campaign that the US government refuses to cease.

There is a lot more to see about the decrease in life expectancy in America than the CDC mentions in its report. The truth is out there. You just cannot trust the US government health bureaucracy to show it to you. It has higher priorities — continuing to promote the coronavirus scare and making sure people keep taking coronavirus shots.


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