Blair’s Lies On Iraq Exposed. Is W Next?

by | Jul 6, 2016


The Chilcot Report has now been published in full.

Tony Blair wanted to be a billionaire. But all that money can’t buy his reputation back. He is thoroughly disgraced. The shame fairly reeks.

Blair, dressed for a funeral, denies, denies, denies. He knows no shame, but he has been shamed.

Curious that the Brits were willing to do what an American bipartisan War Party refused to do: doggedly pursue the truth and then publish it all.

Meanwhile, George W. Bush, has been in hiding since 2009. His emotions are undoubtedly mixed:

Gratitude – after all, the US government didn’t investigate him the way the Chilcott Commission investigated Tony;

Guilt (he’s that “wonderful Christian,” remember) – he’s well aware that he’d be sharing Tony’s fate, had justice been served on this side of the pond.

Borderline despair: even his brother repudiates his war.

And Cheney? His snarl is ubiquitous. Forget the past – Blame Obama!

Cheney might not be a billionaire yet, but his wars have made many of his friends very, very rich. He is beyond shame and beyond reach. His policies invited the destruction of the GOP Establishment – but hey, So what??!! It’s not his problem.

Dr. Ron Paul and countless LRC writers opposed this illegal, immoral war from the beginning – based not on personalities but on principle.

We have now been proven right. Today the embattled neocons rage amidst the ruins they made of the country, because now their lies have now been exposed like Tony Blair’s.

Like Blair, they have gotten rich, and are coddled by the Establishment as it shrinks in fear from the people. They might not want a wall on the border, but they’d certainly like to have one around the Beltway.

In the meantime, we await W’s response to the Chilcot Inquiry.

Fat chance.

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  • Christopher Manion

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