Another one: FDA expects to authorize 6th mRNA dose in the fall

by | Mar 31, 2022


On the same day that the FDA authorized a fifth mRNA COVID injection for immunocompromised individuals (and a fourth for the general population over 50), one of the FDA’s top bureaucrats is already projecting more mRNA doses to come.

“I don’t want to shock anyone, but there may be a need for people to get an additional booster in the fall,” Peter Marks, the director of the FDA’s Center for Biologic Evaluation and Research, told reporters.

For mRNA compliant citizens, that round of shots would mark a fifth or sixth injection of a non FDA-approved experimental mRNA vaccine — which can cause significant side effects with each additional dose for some — within a two year window. 

Marks explained that an FDA advisory committee will discuss the probability of another mRNA dose next week. That committee was supposed to meet before the latest booster authorization to evaluate the safety and efficacy of a fourth and fifth round of shots. The FDA decided to bypass that process entirely.

“It’s not actually clear yet what the optimal booster should be,” Marks said. “We’re hoping by taking this action, we will help allow people to take steps to protect themselves should we have another wave to come through this country.”

He added that the next dose might be one that is reformulated for a more current variant, but did not commit one way or another.

The current mRNA shot was designed by both Pfizer and Moderna to target the ostensibly original Wuhan strain of 2019. This strain no longer exists in circulation, and according to gene sequencing, it has not been the dominant strain for about two years. The 2019 shot has never been updated, despite claims of an update being as easy as a computer-generated “copy and paste” procedure. Pfizer and Moderna both claimed that they were working on an Omicron vaccine — projecting that it would be ready in March of 2022 — but seem to have scrapped the plan, for reasons unknown to the public.

The US government has already spent tens of billions of dollars in taxpayer funds to enrich Pfizer and Moderna, which seem to have assumed full regulatory capture of Government Health agencies. These agencies now deliver timely rubber stamp approvals for their latest experimental products, and they routinely dismiss the overwhelming evidence of a negative efficacy, failed vaccine program.

On Wednesday, President Biden got his claimed “second booster” (fourth injection) on live television, marking the president’s fourth shot in the last 15 months.

He then demanded more money from taxpayers to finance future doses for “new variants.” 

Reprinted with permission from The Dossier.