Andrew Napolitano Examines Hillary Clinton’s ‘Continuing Pattern of Lying’ in Email Scandal

by | Mar 10, 2016

Former New Jersey State Judge Andrew Napolitano says in a new video editorial that it is part of Hillary Clinton’s “continuing pattern of lying” to claim her actions related to her private email server while she was United States secretary of state were not criminal and were like actions taken by her predecessors in the office. Napolitano further explains that Clinton’s claim seems wrong in two ways. First, her actions appear to be criminal. Second, her predecessors did nothing like what she did.

Napolitano’s video editorial was posted Thursday at Fox News, where Napolitano is the senior judicial analyst.

In the video, Napolitano, a Ron Paul Institute Advisory Board member, elaborates on one significant and unique action Clinton took that could lead to her indictment for espionage:

Other secretaries of state may have occasionally used a Gmail account to send personal emails. But, there is no evidence that other secretaries of state sent Top Secret, Secret, or Confidential information through non-secure locations. Mrs. Clinton hired a technology expert to divert a secret email stream in the State Department onto her non-secret server. No other secretary of state did that.

In addition, Napolitano points to emails from then-Secretary of State Clinton to “subordinates” in which she says, in Napolitano’s phrasing, “take off that top marking that says ‘Secret’ — white it out — and send it to me in a non-secure server.”

Watch Napolitano’s complete video editorial here:

For additional analysis of why Clinton’s email activities may support criminal charges against her and how her activities differ from those of her predecessors at the State Department, read this new article by George Washington University Law School Professor Jonathan Turley.


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