A Nonintervention Lesson from Ron Paul

by | Jul 28, 2017

Sometimes, nonintervention advocate and former United States presidential candidate Ron Paul is given an opportunity in an interview to address in detail his view on US foreign policy and interventions abroad, from the Korean and Vietnam Wars decades back to the ongoing US intervention in Syria and the potential US military attack on North Korea. Such is the case in a new 28-minute interview with radio host Lars Larson on the Lars Larson Show.

In the interview, Larson expresses disagreement with Paul on some matters discussed, but Larson also affords Paul time to speak in detail, leading to much opportunity to learn from one of America’s greatest educators regarding nonintervention.

Among the foreign policy matters Paul addresses in the wide-ranging interview are how much of the military budget has little or nothing to do with promoting America’s defense, the profligate distribution of US weapons overseas resulting in those weapons being used against the US military and forces supported by the US government, the abandonment of the constitutional requirement that wars be fought only with a congressional declaration of war, and boondoggle military programs such as for the F-35 fighter plane that arise via the military-industrial complex.

Listen to Paul’s complete interview here:

Read here Paul’s July 17 editorial “Big Military Spending Boost Threatens Our Economy and Security” that is the starting-off point for Larson’s interview of Paul.

Would you like to hear in-person Paul — and a select group of speakers whose judgement on foreign policy Paul values — discuss war, peace, and the case for nonintervention? You can at the September 9 Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity conference at the Washington Dulles Airport Marriott near Washington, DC. Find out more information about the conference and purchase tickets to attend the conference here.


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