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Introducing 'Background: A Deeper Look'

Today the Ron Paul Institute premiers a new feature on its website. Background: A Deeper Look will take readers behind the current headlines, behind breaking news and analysis, to have a look at the history, philosophy, and context of the events we are following. Our aim is to bring readers an altenative but credible perspecitve to corporate media's coverage of the events of our day, but it is also important to explore the antecedents and philosophical bases for our analysis.

In this first installment of Background, noted British lawyer, journalist, and human rights expert Christine Stone provides an excellent short history of post-1991 Ukraine. She explains that country's unique position between Russia and what was known as "the West," and how politics much more than economics and culture motivates Western intervention in Ukraine and the latest push to bring that country into "EU-Lite" and eventually into the EU.

We hope you benefit from taking a deeper look into the background of these issues in the headlines and as always we welcome your feedback.
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