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Another Lying Rice in the White House

Obama's UN Ambassador Susan Rice, one of the architects of the Left-neocon favorite regime change tool, the "humanitarian intervention," appears slated for a promotion to become the president's National Security Advisor.

Rice's pro-intervention colleagues on the Right are bound to make a stink about her nomination, as they see tactical political points to be made over her talk show appearances after the attack on the US facility in Benghazi last September. But her repeating of whitewashed talking points on television -- a standard practice among government officials -- is the least of Rice's crimes.

Rice's real crime is her extreme enthusiam over the use of force to "liberate" the oppressed masses in countries where the US has conveniently decided a regime change is in order. She was a main force behind the UN subterfuge that led to a green light for US bombing of Libya, assuring the president that she could push through a UN Security Council resolution authorizing "all necessary measures" to be used against Libya.

She happily spread the lies and war propaganda to coerce support for an invasion, and she had her own "mushroom cloud" moment when she peddled the lie to fellow diplomats behind closed doors that Gaddafi was issuing Viagra to his troops so that they may carry out mass rape. What is it about lying officials named "Rice"?

The stated purpose of the Libya force authorization was to protect the insurgents in Benghazi, who it was said Libyan army was about to engage. We all know how that came out: the insurgents were saved by US intervention and they shortly therafter went on to express their appreciation by killing the US ambassador and three others.

This is the legacy of the wrong-headed practice of "humanitarian intervention," which makes the neo-cons feel good at home but is anything but "humanitarian" to those on the receiving end of foreign bombs. Libya is a total disaster two years after its "liberation" by NATO bombs. But don't expect that to come out in any debate on Rice's promotion.

Rice belongs in the big house, not in the White House.

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