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William Dunkerley

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Ukraine: The Greatest Geopolitical Catastrophe of the...?


As world tensions heighten over Ukraine, some fear this crisis might grow into a great geopolitical catastrophe. Certainly it could. But few recognize there is an even greater matter of conflict brewing between the US and Russia. It could quickly outpace the already-dangerous Ukraine war.

Consider the following statement about the war:

"This is not about Ukraine at all, but the world order." Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said that, referencing the war.

Oxford University professor Peter Frankopan in The Spectator for March 4, 2023 cited that statement by Lavrov. It was made a month after the invasion. Now it has become a point that's been virtually lost in the subsequent mish-mash of conflicting news reports on every side of the still ongoing Ukraine conflict.

Lavrov's "world order" term equates to an issue that many refer to as American hegemony.

To understand where the "world order" issue might take us, let's first look at the already immediate dangers of the Ukraine conflict.
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Covert Operative In Ukraine Controversy Revealed To Be Associated Press


Amid wildly conflicting stories about the Ukraine scandal one thing’s for sure. Someone’s not telling the truth. That means some of the news reports are based on misinformation.

Who is spreading the misinformation? Associated Press has been caught as one guilty party. That troubling revelation comes not from the ubiquitous news stories we see carrying an AP byline. It has been conducted out of view of the general public.

AP’s vehicle for this covert activity involves an AP publication that is generally unknown to the public at large. But for news editors and journalists it is a bible. It’s called the AP Stylebook. News people rely upon it as a reference on style matters, such as whether to write website or Web site, or how to spell the name of China’s president.

The Stylebook goes beyond that, however. For instance AP just released a supplement titled, “Impeachment Inquiry Topical Guide.” [] It recommends how to spell Ukraine’s new president’s surname and the country’s capital city. But it goes further than that. It delves into the political arena. And that’s where AP went wrong. Under the guise of providing the news community with useful background it has snuck in one-sided versions of controversial issues that are far from settled.
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