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Ron Paul: 'US Out of Iraq Now!'

What obligation does the US have to go into Iraq for a third time? According to RPI Chairman Ron Paul, there is none. More US intervention will not solve the problem, he tells RT, but will only make matters worse. In fact, sending weapons into iraq has made matters worse for the Kurds, as many of the weapons have been captured by ISIS and are being used to against them. The Kurds would have been a lot better off if the US had never gone into Iraq in the first place, he says.

Asked "do you agree that some kind of military action is needed" as ISIS moves toward the US consulate in Erbil, Dr. Paul replied:
"Yeah, we should send in an airplane and bring them out!"
But what about the tragedy of the people in northern Iraq? Dr. Paul responds:
It is a facade that we have to go in and rescue the tragedy that is happening in northern Iraq. What about when all the Christians were run out of Iraq when we were in charge of the government? There was no concern.

How about the people who are suffering from war in Gaza? Is everybody rushing in there and saying there is a humanitarian concern? What about the people in eastern Ukraine? We're actually trying to stop Russia from sending in some help and trying to obstruct what is coming in. I think they are pure hypocrites on which crisis they want to attend to.

Watch the interview here:

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