Zelenskyy’s $13 Billion OCD Problem

by | Sep 29, 2022


During an interview on the corporate media “Face the Nation” program, the “president” of the fake nation Ukraine, revealed how much of your money is being shoveled into the coffers of oligarchs infamous for theft and forming neo-Nazi paramilitaries.

“The United States gives us $1.5 billion every month to support our budget to fight,” said Zelenskyy, and added that there is “a deficit of $5 billion in our budget,” as if the US, with a staggering deficit problem of its own, is somehow responsible for propping up the neo-Nazi infested “democracy.”

See the entire interview here:

Like most conmen, Zelenskyy will never be satisfied with the amount of debt (that is expected to be the responsibility to pay off for American children and grandchildren) incurred to shovel devalued dollars into the dark neo-Nazi hole that calls itself Ukraine.

Zero Hedge notes:

Zelensky said, after revealing the astonishing $1.5 billion in aid on a monthly basis figure, “But believe me, it’s not even nearly enough to cover the civilian infrastructure, schools, hospitals, universities, homes of Ukrainians. Why do we need this? We need the security in order to attract our Ukrainians to come back home.”

In other words, we are responsible to make up for what the oligarchs and kleptocrats in Ukraine have stolen to pad their private fiefdoms and paramilitaries.

As for his fellow Ukrainians, if billions of devalued US dollars defeat Russia (and it most certainly will not), this will convince those that have escaped war and misery, will decide “it’s safe [to] come, settle, work here and will pay taxes and then we won’t have a deficit of $5 billion in our budget. So it will be a positive for everybody,” Zelensky insisted.

No mention here that thousands have fled Ukraine to escape neo-Nazi persecution, torture, and targeted assassination (for the crime of speaking Russian).

“And then the United States will not have to continue, give us this support,” he concluded, though the way things are going it could be years before the US might “not have to continue” the nonstop aid. Zelensky appeared to be trying to present a strange “win-win” for American, though again if average US taxpayers grasped the full enormity of it, they certainly might question that narrative.

Right. And I have a bridge and a stable of pink ponies on the Moon for sale.

On Monday, Reuters reported:

Negotiators of a stop-gap spending bill in the US Congress have agreed to include nearly $12 billion in new military and economic aid to Ukraine, sources familiar with the talks said on Monday, reflecting continued bipartisan support for the Kyiv government in the wake of Russia’s invasion.

In response to a request from the Biden administration, the funding would include $4.5 billion to provide defense capabilities and equipment for Ukraine, as well as $2.7 billion to continue military, intelligence and other defense support, said the sources, who asked not to be identified ahead of the announcement.

Reading this, one might believe neolibs and neocons, so prevalent in Congress and our government, are generously helping the Ukrainian people, but this is nothing short of a sick joke. In fact, the US national security state doesn’t give a fig about the fate of the Ukrainian people. It is using Ukraine as a battlefield in an undeclared war between Russia and NATO, a fight NATO has itched for since its inception in 1949.

Of course, “defending” Europe from “Russian [and previously Soviet] aggression” is only part of the manufactured picture, as NATO has long been used as an enforcer in the Balkans, the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa.

As for the crimes committed in the former Yugoslavia by the neoliberal NATO hit squad, the late Ramsey Clark, a former senior official in the Kennedy and Johnson Justice Department, organized “Text of Indictment by the Independent Commission of Inquiry Hearing to Investigate US/NATO War Crimes Against the People of Yugoslavia.” Ramsey indicted

The Government of every NATO country that participated directly in the assaults on Yugoslavia with aircraft, missiles, or personnel and Commanding Generals, Admirals, NATO personnel directly involved in designating targets, flight crews and deck crews of the NATO military bomber and assault aircraft, NATO military personnel directly involved in targeting, preparing and launching missiles at Yugoslavia, the governments of the NATO countries’ personnel causing, condoning or failing to prevent violence in Yugoslavia before and during NATO occupation and Others to be named.

The document, of course, was ignored by NATO, the US, and the corporate war propaganda media. NATO prefers to take out media that does not support its murderous and unprovoked actions, as it did when Obama decided to use NATO to turn Libya into a third-world hellhole and slave market.

A press conference held by the Broadcast Employees Libya declared:

In an act of international terrorism and in violation of Security Council resolutions of the UN, NATO attacked the facilities of the Broadcasting Department of Libya during the early hours of [July 7, 2011]. Three of our technicians were killed and 15 injured while performing their professional duty as Libyan journalists… We are employees of Libyan state television. We are not a military target, we are not officers in the army and not a threat to civilians. We are doing our job as journalists in representing what from the bottom of my heart we believe is the reality of the NATO aggression and violence in Libya.

According to research conducted by the Foundation to Battle Injustice,

not only the United States, but also other members of the NATO, including the United Kingdom, are responsible for war crimes in the Middle East. So far, none of these States has suffered any economic or legal responsibility for their crimes, despite the confirmed and recognized facts of brutal reprisals against civilians and the use of prohibited weapons against civilians.

NATO enforcers committed numerous war crimes, according to a November 2020 report.

According to a report on the actions of the military in Afghanistan, which has long been classified, Australian soldiers deliberately killed farmers and civilians in Afghanistan as part of a rite of passage through which all recruits had to go. The report was published after a four-year investigation, during which more than 400 witnesses were interviewed and several thousand documents were examined. The report provides evidence that one of the Australian soldiers knocked a local unarmed resident to the ground and shot him in the back of the head, despite the fact that the civilian posed absolutely no threat. The investigation also learned about another incident when Australian mercenaries and patrol members “deliberately attacked” unarmed civilians, after which they planted weapons and ammunition on them, trying to create the impression that they were in danger. Soldiers also competed to outperform other patrols in the number of civilian enemies killed in combat.

The United Kingdom, being a NATO member country, was one of the first to take part in the operation against the Taliban regime in Afghanistan in the autumn of 2001. British forces were involved in the killing of nearly 300 Afghan civilians, including at least 86 children and more than 200 adult civilians. The British Armed Forces paid compensation to Afghan civilians in the amount of $940,657 for 289 dead civilians between 2006 and 2014, which is an average of $3,254 per family. In other words, for the UK, the life of an Afghan civilian during the war cost an average of 2,380 pounds. The youngest victim was a three-year-old boy who was killed during a mine clearance operation by British forces. One of the most serious incidents listed in the protocols is the death of four children who were allegedly “mistakenly shot” by British soldiers during an incident in December 2009. Many military experts are still wondering how four children from the same family can be “shot by mistake”. (Emphasis in original.)

The manifest absurdity of NATO propaganda focusing on unproven and fake (e.g. Bucha) war crimes is intended to rationalize mass murder on a large scale.

NATO war propaganda has remained an integral part of the “alliance” since its inception. NATO’s pernicious media spin has focused on the Cold War, anticommunism, the arms race, the Vietnam War, “Team B” (to overestimate the effectiveness of the Soviet military), the propaganda by Le Cercle, also known as the “Piny Group” (mostly from intelligence services), the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism, and the effort to turn the “war on terror” into a noble cause (as if 900,000 deaths and $8 trillion squandered was worth it, as the late Madeline Albright might have said).

All of the above should provide enough evidence of the murderous character of NATO, the serial murdering midget created by the US national security state to enforce neoliberal doctrine on the reluctant.

Ukraine hopes for a surplus of gravy from the United States and, despite public opposition, will get pretty much what it wants, including missiles able to reach the interior of Russia, including its nuclear power plants (a truly psychopathic proposal of murder en masse).

Reprinted with permission from Kurt Nimmo on Geopolitics.
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