Zelenskyy Regime to Forcibly Conscript Hungarians in Transcarpathia

by | Jan 25, 2023


The Zelenskyy regime is desperate. It is reportedly losing more than 300 soldiers a day in eastern Ukraine. The latest effort by the doomed regime to throw men and foreign war materiel at a slow and overpowering Russian advance in Donbas will completely fall apart.

The regime is now busy abducting potential bullet stoppers in the Zakarpattia Oblast (Ruthenia), situated in the Carpathian Mountains of southwestern Ukraine, between Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania.

“Due to heavy losses, which exceed all previous ones, radical methods are used to replenish the numbers [of troops]. According to local sources, the Ukrainian authorities plan to call up 10,000 people from Transcarpathia by spring,” Hungarian journalists told EuroWeekly.

The Zelenskyy regime has apparently taken a page from the British Royal Navy during the Age of Sail. The British employed press gangs to crew ships during war and peacetime. Refusal to be impressed resulted in a one-way trip to the gallows.

“Almost every settlement in Transcarpathia has been for several days now undergoing forced conscription into the army. In the area of ​​the city of Berehove, in Nagysholes, on Sunday the market was surrounded. 70 people were taken away from there,” the post continues.

According to the Budapest news outlet’s observations, this forced conscription into the Ukrainian army ‘can almost be called a kidnapping of people. In addition, the persecution and deprivation of property of the remaining Hungarians have reached an unprecedented cruel level in Transcarpathia.’

“Recently, peasant mothers hailing from largely Hungarian populated villages within Transcarpthia staged protests in support of their sons who had been conscripted into the Ukrainian army,” Denis Pilas, a Transcarpathian activist, told HuffPost after the Maidan coup in 2014. “In the midst of war with Russian separatists in the east, many young men didn’t want to be shipped out… The Hungarians watch Hungarian TV and read Hungarian newspapers. They are only loosely integrated into society and in general they haven’t been very pro-Ukrainian.”

The forced conscription of ethnic Hungarians in Transcarpathia has a political aspect. Viktor Orbán, the PM of Hungary, is a critic of the war in Ukraine.

In response, the ultranationalists in Ukraine have added Orbán to the Mirotvorets death list. They are now prepared to take revenge on the average Transcarpathian of Hungarian ethnicity by kidnapping and throwing him into the Russian meat grinder.

“There is a sort of purposeful policy, which besides narrowing the rights of all minorities, tries to portray the Hungarian minority as the enemy in Ukrainian public opinion,” Laszlo Brenzovics, the only ethnic Hungarian in the Ukrainian parliament, told the Associated Press in 2018.

The ultranationalists of Ukraine believe all ethnic minorities—Romanians, Belorussians, Crimean Tatars, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Poles, Jews, and Armenians—are untermenschen that must be ethnically cleansed.

“The current situation is clearly among the worst ones,” Tárnok Balázs wrote in 2021, prior to Russia’s SMO.

Ukraine, by violating the rights of all minorities, is alienating its closest NATO allies in the region, just as it needs them the most. Ukraine is fighting the wrong war – instead of negotiating a closer partnership with NATO, Kyiv is implementing discriminatory policies against its own loyal ethnic minority citizens, and thus, achieving the result that Russia wants: keeping tensions high, staging provocations and dividing Ukrainians along ethnic lines.

That may have been the case before Russia’s SMO. However, Ukraine’s mistreatment of minorities is now ignored by the USG and its corporate war propaganda media.

The USG, the UK, and the Europeans are not worried about nazi-ultranats persecuting and ethnically cleansing minorities. The USG is obsessively concerned with making sure its crumbling empire and its devalued fiat dollar remains king in a unipolar world. Everything else, including the welfare of the American people, comes in a distant second.

If resisting Russia requires the crime of kidnapping Hungarians by nazi-ultranats in Transcarpathia and shipping them to die in a Russian military “boiler” (a cauldron, or encirclement), that is the price the USG believes innocents must pay for its futile and criminal effort to remain top dog perched on a mountain of rotting corpses.

Reprinted with permission from Kurt Nimmo on Geopolitics.

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