Yoo Kidding Me?

by | Jun 10, 2015


John Yoo, the torture-justifying lawyer of the Bush II regime, criticizes Obama’s bloody, murderous, warmongering foreign policy as replicating a Ron Paul presidency!

John, let me give you a quick rundown of what a Ron Paul foreign policy would actually look like, based on the Golden Rule and the teaching that it is the peacemakers who shall be called the sons of God, not the neocons.

1) Cut the military budget by, say, 90% to start;

2) Bring all the troops home;

3) Defend the people of the United States in the United States, period;

4) Abolish the CIA, the NSA, the NED, and all other such criminal gangs;

5) Seek peaceful, commercial relationships with the whole world. End the current imperial system of bombs or bribes.

Reposted with permission from LewRockwell.com.