We Will Not Comply

by | Apr 4, 2020


We’re told by government and media talking heads that we’re in a war with the Covid-19 virus. The threat from said virus is supposedly so potent that famine, poverty, suicide and utter dependence on government is preferable to contracting the illness. We’re told to huddle in our homes and social distance ourselves from other humans at least six feet. Now we’re told it’s advisable to wear a mask when one is shopping for necessities like food and medicine.

Every day the news media appears to revel in upping the fear index by showing pictures of mobile clinics and morgues being erected in cities like New York. We’re shown “leaked” pictures of body bags with what appears to be corpses inside stacked up in said morgues.

I think it’s important to bear in mind that the government and media have been lying to the American people for many decades. This is a fact, not a conspiracy theory. To drive the point home our current Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently joked about the fact that government agents are indoctrinated in techniques to lie, cheat and steal.

The supposed “leaked” pictures of stacked body bags serves a very useful purpose for the elites. “See there, if you don’t obey us unquestioningly you could wind up in one of those bags!” Isn’t it amazing that you NEVER see leaked pictures of dead American service men and women returning from never ending wars overseas?

Somehow, the authorities “forgot” to place security teams around the mobile morgues so anyone with a cell phone could snap a few pictures whenever they chose and “leak” them to social media and the press. This does not pass the smell test.

So what do those body bags really hold? I’m so cynical after being lied to by the government for so long that I can’t say for sure. Yes, there could be genuine dead bodies in there and some of them may have died from the virus. But we’re discovering that the vast majority of the alleged victims of Covid-19 actually had other health issues like, obesity, heart disease, cancer, chronic respiratory conditions and so forth.

I’m sure there are a few cases where Covid-19 was the primary cause of death. But the percentages are so small as to make the lock down of our society laughable if it wasn’t so serious. On the other hand in a city as large as New York with a population of nearly 8 ½ million people there are approximately 58,000 deaths annually from all causes according to 2018 statistics.

So for all we know the authorities could be gathering up these bodies and piling them in the mobile morgues to “prove” to the people they need to obey- or else! Of course anyone who questions the official narrative is an obvious “nutcase” unworthy of consideration. Maybe, but think about this.

The U.S. public was told by government officials that the North Vietnamese had attacked U.S. naval ships in the gulf of Tonkin which was the excuse to launch the Vietnam War which took the lives of some 56,000 U.S. service men and women and scarred hundreds of thousands more. Today we know for a fact it was all made up, fiction, a fake fairy tale.

Yes, today the “officials” have different names but they’ve all been steeped in the same DC swamp like Pompeo who openly admits to deceit as official policy. Of course we were told that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and we had to invade Iraq to keep the world safe. Once again, a proven lie. Of course we could go on and on about the nonstop lying by our government officials.

But when it comes to Covid-19 we’re assured they’re not lying about that! But the facts suggest otherwise as hospitals, even in the epicenter of New York City, remain eerily quiet. In fact medical professionals are being laid off, furloughed and even fired as the U.S. health care industry has ground to a halt.

All medical care that can be delayed or deferred has been with catastrophic financial results for the nation’s hospitals and medical professionals. It’s outrageous and it must stop now! We the people are being played and bullied into economic self-destruction by monsters with a grand global plan for domination. Yes, I know that sounds crazy but we live in a crazy world.

We the people must say ENOUGH! We will not cower in our houses any longer. We will not allow our livelihoods to disappear so we can be wards of the state. We will not obey illegal orders against communal worship especially at Easter when we celebrate the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

ENOUGH of the fear mongering and panic. Yes, some of us may die from Covid-19 and if that happens it will be sad, but life will go on. Much better to die as a free man than cower in fear as a slave to the states totalitarian dictates which make a mockery of our Constitutional rights. These thugs who would ignore our Constitutional rights only have power if we give it to them.

They are trying to destroy our Constitution, the very document they all swore to uphold. We the people must stand up to this blatant attack on our rights.  It’s time to get some backbone and push back against those who claim to want to protect us but really want to enslave us. WE WILL NOT COMPLY!