Watch Your Wallets! Jonathan Tobin Is Concerned About Losing Egypt

by | Nov 1, 2013

Jonathan Tobin who says that “there is more to democracy than voting”, and who also supported the military coup in Egypt, is pleased with the results on the one hand, yet concerned on the other.

You see, the ousted (and democratically elected) Muslim Brotherhood had to go according to Tobin. He said that “the Brotherhood was able to win elections because it was the only truly organized mass party in the country.” Oh boy! That’s like cheating! Perhaps the unorganized should have won the election?

Tobin provides just another example on how democracy is whatever the neocons say it is. If the neocons like who is elected, they get to stay. However, if the elected leader doesn’t align with “U.S. interests” he’s a goner….sometimes literally.

In Egypt, the Brotherhood had to go, elections or not. And they were thrown out by the Egyptian military who receives over $1 Billion each year of our hard-earned money.

Several months have now passed, and Tobin is pleased:

Rather than make the country unstable, as critics of the coup warned, it seems to have had exactly the effect the military hoped it would have. While democracy is nowhere in sight in Egypt, it has also not descended into chaos, let alone civil war.

You see, even though democracy is nowhere in sight, it’s alright because “our guys” have things under control now. That’s most important. All the democracy talk, and bringing freedom to oppressed people around the world is nothing but bunk.

The Egyptian military, using weapons that were “Made In The USA,” has got the country under its thumb.

This should also call into question the judgment of the Obama administration’s policies toward Egypt.

What Tobin’s referring to here is Obama’s close shave in the amount that the Egyptians receive of our money. Obama pulled it back a token amount. Don’t get excited dear American, you’re not getting any money back.

And the military, which was long a bastion of sympathy for America, is now alienated and perhaps tempted by Russia’s efforts to revive the ties it had with Egypt until Anwar Sadat dumped them.

Egypt broke ties with the old Soviet Union because of what RPI Academic Board Member, Eric Margolis has called “the largest bribe in history”, a bribe that has cost Americans about $100 Billion.

Obama shaves a few bucks off the aid, and now Tobin cries that Egypt feels “alienated”. How about the U.S. taxpayers? Can we claim “alienation” after having $100 Billion poached from our bank accounts?

The U.S. miscalculated badly in Egypt. Not only is the military firmly established in power, but the most populous Arab nation may also be drifting out of the U.S. orbit.

Translation? Hold your wallet! If you read between the lines, it appears that the only way to keep Egypt from reviving ties with the Russians (quick, everyone under your desks!) is to cough up more of our hard-earned dough.

Here’s a better idea: Let’s close down “the U.S. orbit”. It has done nothing but harm.