War, The Fed, and More Wars: Ron Paul’s LPAC 2014 Speech!

by | Oct 3, 2014

Ron Paul delivered a barn burner of a keynote speech at this year’s LPAC conference. It was an hour long tour-de-force on fiat currency, attacks on civil liberties, the Federal Reserve, war — and most importantly how all of these fit together and deprive us of our life, liberty, and happiness.

Dr. Paul decried the one-party state we live in, particularly when it comes to war. Speaking about the recent Congressional passage of a continuing resolution to keep the government funded at current levels, he said that while the resolution keeps spending at the same level, war spending is exempt and will rise. He mocked those Members on both sides who voted for the resolution:

We gotta to keep the war going! And we gotta rubber stamp what Obama wants! Oh no, we don’t like Obama. Yes but we love his wars! Except for one thing: he’s not bombing enough people!

Watch the whole speech here:


  • Daniel McAdams

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