WaPo Neocon Josh Rogan: Republicans Responsible for Ukraine Loss

by | Nov 11, 2022

Every time a neocon/warmonger policy produces a disaster – and they always do – the neocon authors of said policy begin canvassing for someone, anyone but them, to blame.

So it was with Vietnam, which they are still fighting. It wasn’t that it was an idiotic idea to kill a million Vietnamese civilians in the name of an imaginary “domino theory” that a hammer and sickle ten thousand miles away would unleash a communist virus that would soon have us all locked down with our Little Red Books.

No, it was the fault of the millions of Americans who saw through the lies and propaganda and finally, taking to the streets, brought a political anvil down on the heads of the warmongers. Americans who dared speak for the nearly 60,000 of their own brothers and sons killed for nothing. All their fault.

“We coulda won!” Yeah.

Similarly, it was never the fault of the neocons who lied and knew they lied about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and an Iraqi involvement in 9/11 that their hundred democratic flowers blooming was displaced by a million civilian graves. It was all Ron Paul’s fault for pointing out that the emperor had no clothes. That there were no WMDs and that they were taking us to war on a lie all the while dropping a cluster bomb on the Constitution.

And their plan to “democratize” Libya resulted in the knife-sodomy of Gaddafi but also the metaphorical knife-sodomization of our tiny remaining bit of moral authority. Instead of the neocon-promised “Arab Spring,” we had open slave markets for those whose skin was a bit “too dark.”

And monsters like Hillary cackled and loved it.

Oh but it was not her fault. It was the fault of those who opposed their “liberation.” They were the racists, not her slave market allies.

So it is now with the Russia/Ukraine conflict, which began in 2014 under a neocon-infested Obama State Department and DoD.

Neocon poster boy Josh Rogin – not as evil as the worst, I must add – has penned a piece in the regime press, Washington Post, telling the very few people who still view the Bezos Bugle as any kind of paper of record that if Ukraine loses the US/NATO proxy war with Russia it will be entirely the fault of those very few Republican US Representatives who have dared make a squeak over authorizing nearly 70 BILLION dollars to Ukraine. Free money without even a single bookkeeper attached to the windfall to make sure it doesn’t all go to Ukraine’s notoriously corrupt leaders’ purchase of even more property in Switzerland.

Never mind that actual military minds, like Col. Douglas Macgregor – architect of the Battle of 73 Easting in the first Gulf War and author of several key books on military strategy – have said from the beginning that Ukraine has no chance to defeat Russia on the battlefield.

Nope. WaPo’s desktop warrior Rogin has found a way to blame Ukraine’s inevitable destruction at the hands of the Russian military – a bloody horror cooked up in Washington like the Maidan – on a couple of Republicans with the courage to withstand the slings and arrows of being accused of being “Putin’s puppets” for asking whether starting WWIII is really a good idea.

Writes Rogin: 

According to several lawmakers and senior congressional staffers, McCarthy and other GOP House leaders are already discussing how to alter the Ukraine aid package in the next Congress to respond to a wide array of concerns within their caucus. Some far-right lawmakers are calling for a complete cutoff of aid to Ukraine. But many Republicans are looking to cut much of the economic assistance while keeping or even increasing the military component — something of a compromise.

Ah yes…that “far right” problem of being opposed to WWIII. No doubt following in the footsteps of their hero, that good old rainbow peacenik Hitler.

Rogin continues:

But cutting the economic aid now, most of which is direct support to the Ukrainian government, would be ill-timed and dangerous, Ukrainian officials told me.

Breaking news: people getting endless stream of free money predict bad things will happen if they stop getting free money!

Rogin’s real point is another feint. He claims that the global economic crisis is not caused by idiotic EU/US sanctions against Russia, which are turning Europe into a third world ghetto while Russia chalks up record profits, but by Russia itself.

The fact is, Russia has gazillions of tons of gas and oil to sell but has pivoted southwards for new customers in response to old and reliable customers walking away from the exchange. What a shock: business seeks new customers.

Neocons hate the free market, though. Like their communist intellectual forefathers, they despise free exchange between people. There is only politics. Free exchange is anathema. All human action is a means to an end.

Here’s Rogin’s coup de grace:

The costs of supporting Kyiv financially are small compared to the costs for the United States and the world if Ukraine falls. If Ukraine collapses economically, that would exacerbate the energy crisis, the food crisis, the refugee crisis and the global economic slowdown.

Sorry Josh, the “the energy crisis, the food crisis, the refugee crisis and the global economic slowdown” are all the result of what Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban rightly observed as Europe having “shot itself in the lungs” with sanctions against Russia. 

Orban went on at the time to accurately assess the EU’s öngyilkosság (suicide):

Initially, I thought we had only shot ourselves in the foot, but now it is clear that the European economy has shot itself in the lungs, and it is gasping for air.

Dear Josh Rogin: if you actually are not just a neocon propagandist and are genuinely looking for someone to blame for Ukraine’s loss of a good chunk of territory – and more to come – look no further than Obama’s neocons, now Biden’s re-treads, who, being themselves Ukrainian or part Ukrainian, decided to hijack the entire US government to settle centuries-old scores in the old country.

This is the real problem with US foreign policy: it’s for sale. And the military-industrial complex is very happy to play the role of auctioneer in the process. 

Ukraine’s loss and destruction was long baked into the cake. As was the destruction of Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yugoslavia, and so on and so on. Thus far none of the neocon/interventionist destruction-mongers have been called to the carpet for their multiple genocides. 

So they keep repeating them. After all, none of their victims matter to them. They aren’t even human.

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