US Spies: ‘Nothing is Beyond Our Reach!”

by | Dec 6, 2013

Spy Octopus
As the rest of the world — the US public included — reels from ongoing revelations that the NSA has infiltrated like a virus into the most private corners of our lives, the US Intelligence-Industrial-Complex presses on with a total absence of self-reflection.

Entrepreneur and privacy hero Kim Dotcom points out that the latest spy satellite launched yesterday by the megabillion dollar National Reconnaissance Office carries with it a kind of extended middle finger to the entire world.

NROL-39, as the mission is affectionately called, features as its logo an angry octopus whose tentacles are extending over the globe. Its slogan: “Nothing is beyond our reach.”

Nothing. Total surveillance. Such arrogance seems foolhardy, terrifying, and dangerous. And, of course, totalitarian.


  • Daniel McAdams

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