US Senate Votes to Legalize Kidnapping of Women (AKA: Military Draft)

by | Jun 16, 2016


Here’s a joke for you: How many US Senators does it take to kidnap your daughter? Answer: I don’t know, but 85 of them would like to. On Tuesday the US Senate voted overwhelmingly to allow the federal government to kidnap women against their will and force them into military service, beginning January 1, 2018. This legalized kidnapping, also known as a military draft, was approved with an 85-13 vote as a part of a broad sweeping 600-billion-dollar military spending bill.

The general consensus among the “conservative” Republicans who supported the bill was that anyone who opposed having their daughters seized by the government must be “un-patriotic” and “un-American.” While the “liberal” Democrats who supported the bill claimed that the right to be kidnapped by the government should be extended to women, rather than men alone. Feminists ballyhooed the measure as a sign of gender equality. I, on the other hand, bemoan it as a sign of national insanity.

While the above paragraph sounds like a joke, unfortunately it is not. And while many see the measure as nothing more than political haggling, the fact that 85 of 100 senators would vote in favor of it should be extraordinarily disturbing to Americans. Sadly, most don’t care and actually favor the idea of a potential military draft; which shows the extent to which the average American has been brainwashed by decades of government propaganda. Most people see no problem whatsoever with requiring young people to register for the draft, since as of now, no draft exists. Nevertheless, the government wishes to keep accurate tabs on the young people of America, just in case they want to kidnap them in the future. And this is OK? To most Americans, it apparently is.

Let’s begin with this fact: forcing women to register for the draft and allowing women to serve in combat are two completely different issues. One is voluntary, one is forced servitude. If the military wishes to expand roles formerly reserved for men to include women, that is a separate debate. If the military wishes to force my daughters into military service against their will, that is legalized slavery and should and will be opposed by many Americans.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz was one of the few who opposed the bill stating: “The idea that we should forcibly conscript young girls into combat to my mind makes little or no sense.” But he was quickly chastised by Arizona dictator John McCain who said, “Every uniform leader of the United States military seemed to have a different opinion from the senator from Texas, whose military background is not extensive.” In other words, McCain’s view is that unless you have served in the military yourself then you should not be allowed to have an opinion on whether or not the government can kidnap your daughters. If the majority of “military experts” say you should hand over your daughters, then this you must do.

South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham also blustered his support for the measure saying it was necessary “in case of a national emergency.” One wonders what the spineless cowards in the Senate would say if the average Americans voted to kidnap the Senate against their will and send them to a war zone “in case of a national emergency.” I suspect McCain and Graham would oppose such a measure.

Perhaps this is yet another time to stop and think about the lunacy of a draft altogether. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is introducing an amendment to get rid of the draft completely. The “Muhammad Ali” Bill would end “Selective Service” altogether and ensure the military remains voluntary. As Paul cited, “I agree with Muhammad Ali: If a war is worth fighting for it, people will volunteer.” But Paul, as usual, is in the minority. Isn’t it interesting how the fat and happy Senators (such as McCain and Graham) believe it is OK to force someone else’s kids into “service” so that they, the Senators, can remain fat and happy? The Senators might argue that they did serve in the past. Good for them. Were they forced to, or did they volunteer? Should they now be allowed to force others to?

I’ll be happy to go on record personally as saying that any country that kidnaps young people and forces them into military service is not a country worth defending. Liberty is not liberty when you achieve it by taking someone else’s liberty away. Freedom is a joke when it comes at the expense of the unwilling. And kidnapping is kidnapping, even when it’s perpetrated by the government.

Of course “Selective Service” sounds so much better than “legalized kidnapping.” The Feds are experts at using jargon to justify their criminal behavior. But think about the term “Selective Service” for just a moment. Being forced to do something is not “service” it is slavery. And the only one allowed to do the “selecting” in selective service is the Federal lords who see themselves as entitled slave masters. All Americans should oppose such measures. Sadly, most do not.

Many hoops would have to be jumped through for a draft to actually take place. But hoops have been jumped through before. The draft was abolished after the Vietnam War in the early 1970s, only to be re-instituted in 1980 under Cold War fears. As of right now it is only required to “register” for the draft. Yet refusing to sign up for potential slavery can bring stiff federal penalties. The government’s position is clear: We own you and you have no right to resist. In this regard America shows little difference from China or the former Soviet Union. We like to brag about our love for freedom. But 85 Senators voted to potentially take your daughters freedom for the sake of their own. Even Joseph Stalin didn’t do this.

Perhaps Americans should notify their Senators and let them know how they feel about legalized kidnappings. Not that your Senator really cares what you think; but perhaps they should be told anyway. The open secret is that the US government isn’t interested in freedom. They are interested in power and will take all they can at your expense.

It’s time to end “Selective Service” once and for all. It’s time for the congressional dictators in Washington to stand down and leave us and our sons and daughters alone. We are not state property. We are free citizens, but 85 percent of the Senate doesn’t think so. In their minds, they own us. In their minds they should also own our daughters. But their minds are warped. If the Senate isn’t careful there really will be a “national emergency” but it will be one of their own making. While many Americans are blinded by military patriotism, some are still willing to oppose such annihilation of liberty. Some are willing to fight, not for the feds but for their daughters. The shameless Senate should be ashamed. May they hear from an angry populace who refuses to allow legalized kidnappings in the name of “patriotism.”

Rev. Kastler is Pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Reprinted with permission from author’s website.


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