Time Mag to Ron Paul: Stop Telling The Truth!

by | Oct 28, 2014


Time Magazine is angry with Ron Paul. How dare he point out that the media has been over-reacting to the Ebola outbreak? How dare he mention that Canada’s 13 years of bombing Muslim countries has irritated plenty of people on the receiving end of those bombs? How dare he tell the truth about US history: that if the colonies were told they could never leave it is unlikely there would ever have been a United States?

Ron Paul is a “professional provocateur,” screeches Time’s Denver Nicks.

The author of Time’s hit (and miss) piece is outraged that anyone would dare to suggest, as Dr. Paul did in a recent column, that constant US meddling in African affairs has been anything but selfless beneficence. “Dubious-at-best,” sniffed Nicks to Ron Paul’s statement that “the people of Liberia and other countries would be better off if the US government left them alone.” After all, who could possibly object to US-sponsored coups, US bombs, US meddling, US asset-stripping, US social engineering projects in Africa?

Dubious? Has he asked the people of Libya how they feel about US meddling? In fact, Americans are increasingly coming to agree with Ron Paul that we all would be better off if the US government left all of us alone.

That is what really terrifies Denver Nicks and his bosses at Time (and the other mainstream media). The fact that they no longer dictate the limits of debate in the United States. The fact that more and more people are attracted to Ron Paul’s message that only peace and liberty can lead to prosperity.

Not long ago Time Magazine was the newsweekly of the Republican establishment (and of course the CIA). But these are hard times for regime mouthpieces, as the Internet has provided a platform for non-“approved” analysis and opinion that is eagerly consumed by the public. As soon as people had a choice, they abandoned the US wannabe Pravda publications like Time and New York Times and Washington Post and Newsweek as fast as they could.

What drives Time Magazine and the guardians of accepted opinion absolutely bonkers, though, is that Ron Paul has his own Institute for Peace and Prosperity that is amplifying his message and making a real impact on the foreign policy and civil liberties debate.

It was an honor that Nicks listed the Ron Paul Institute at the top of his list of the Ron Paul entities that infuriate him and his paymasters.

Ron Paul should not be allowed to have his own Institute! That is only for establishment entities who preach the importance of armed American exceptionalism overseas and a police state at home!

Why doesn’t Ron Paul (and his Institute) just go away! Time Magazine’s Denver Nicks closes his tirade by admitting defeat. “[I]t’s clear that in coming months, he’ll keep sounding off on other subjects.”

You bet it is, Denver. You betcha!


  • Daniel McAdams

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