Time For a Cleansing

by | Jul 16, 2015


The NAACP is demanding that the giant carving at Stone Mountain, GA, of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson be sandblasted into oblivion. Off with the pagan carvings of slaveholders at Mr. Rushmore, too.

In this same spirit, there are calls to tear down the Jefferson Memorial and change the name of Washington, DC. OK with me. Paganesque memorials are strewn about that city, and the pagans were slaveholders.

Let’s tear down the Washington Memorial, a tribute to the sun god Ra worshipped by slaveholding ancient Egyptians.

Then there is the US Capitol, with its giant painting of the slaveholding Washington Assumed into Heaven.

The Capitol copies a pagan, slaveholding temple, and it was built by slaves. Down with it.

The Supreme Court building mimics a slaveholding pagan temple. Tear it down.

America’s museums are full of statues of slaveholding pharaohs, Caesars, and archons. To the dump! And don’t forget the relics of ancient, slaveholding Persia, Babylon, and Assyria. And the Hittites!

Aristotle was a slaveholder and justified it. Toss his statues, and his writings. Plato’s too, and every other ancient Greek and Roman slaveholder.

Change the months July and August, named after slaveholders.

Change George Mason University’s name, since Mason was a slaveholder.

Nothing should be named after the slaveholder Cato.

Some propose to jettison the concept of reason itself, as a construct of slaveholders. That particular project is already well underway, of course. And since slavery has been a feature of almost all societies in almost all of human history, we’d better get going.

Reprinted with permission from LewRockwell.com.