Three Strikes! Judge Nukes Biden’s Federal Contractor Mandate

by | Dec 7, 2021


Today may well mark the day the Biden Administration’s Covid tyranny suffers a fatal blow. U.S. District Judge R. Stan Baker issued a nationwide block on Biden’s mandate that all US government contractors and subcontractors – some 25 percent of the US work force – must take the experimental Covid shots.

As US Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) observed – That’s three strikes: the Medicare mandate was nuked, the 100+ worker mandate was nuked, and now the federal contractor mandate is nuked, nationwide!

Three strikes – and we hope they’re OUT!

In his ruling, Judge Baker observed:

The Court acknowledges the tragic toll that the COVID-19 pandemic has wrought throughout the nation and the globe. However, even in times of crisis this Court must preserve the rule of law and ensure that all branches of government act within the bounds of their constitutionally granted authorities.

In other words, the Judge correctly concluded that the US Constitution is not suspended because of a virus.

There is good reason to believe that, cynical and authoritarian as it is, the Biden Administration knew all along that the president’s mandates didn’t stand a chance in court, but that the real game was to terrify the population sufficiently between promulgation and repudiation that more Americans would sign on to the shots.

There is nothing that focuses a family breadwinner’s mind like facing being thrown on to the streets because he or she did not want to take a medical treatment that – even in the words of the CDC Director – neither prevents infection nor transmission and thus could not in any sane world be considered a vaccine.

It’s popular these days to throw around the term “terrorism” to justify oppressing one’s political enemies, but it is definitional that the Biden Administration’s use of “jab or job” on millions of Americans is raw terrorism.

As with the eviction moratorium, the Biden Administration openly and even proudly admits that it breaks the law to pursue its political goals, daring the other co-equal branches of government to right the listing ship of state.

With Congress predictably inept at living up to its Constitutional obligations regarding reeling in Executive over-reach on amphetamines, it is a welcome surprise that several members of the Judicial Branch are stepping up to their Constitutional task.

Yes – three strikes and you’re out. But watch the zombie rise again. We who defend civil liberties and personal choice are slowly winning, but the beast is not yet slain.


  • Daniel McAdams

    Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity and co-Producer/co-Host, Ron Paul Liberty Report. Daniel served as the foreign affairs, civil liberties, and defense/intel policy advisor to U.S. Congressman Ron Paul, MD (R-Texas) from 2001 until Dr. Paul’s retirement at the end of 2012. From 1993-1999 he worked as a journalist based in Budapest, Hungary, and traveled through the former communist bloc as a human rights monitor and election observer.

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