Thomas Massie Said ‘No.’

by | May 15, 2024

“Courage is contagious.”
– WikiLeaks T- shirt supporting Julian Assange.

Rep. Thomas Massie is that very rare politician who is actually inspiring.

His defiant principled opposition to the recent moves by Congress called out the madness of flooding foreign countries with more money and weapons while our own citizens suffer.

Thomas Massie said no.

So, of course Massie’s brave voice of reason is now under attack by well-funded foreign lobbyists hell-bent on perpetual war.

I was inspired to make a video about Massie’s brave stance. My  script says :

While most of congress was busy waving another country’s flag, passing Biden’s wish list on wars that will raise the prices you pay for groceries and gas, and ignoring America’s crisis at the border, one Republican took a stand against that crowd: Kentucky’s Congressman Thomas Massie. Now Massie’s brave voice of independence is under attack by well-funded foreign lobbyists. It’s time for common sense patriots to stick together and support Thomas Massie

The American people want no part of being foot soldiers for the military-industrial complex or advancing the interests of foreign nations like Ukraine and Israel over our own.

 Meanwhile, people we elect give unconditional support for countries like Ukraine and Israel, neither of which truly believes in anything approaching real democracy.

Both Ukraine and Israel censor dissent and have acted against true democracy and freedom. Israel even supported censoring Americans who criticize its policies, ludicrously conflating that with anti-Semitism. The American people’s antiwar views have been ignored by the uniparty swamp in DC.

It is heartening to see prominent voices on the right, including Candace Owens, Tucker Carlson, and Alex Jones, speaking out against this unconditional support. They recognize the dangers of what many people increasingly see, where Congress seems to ignore the opinions of the American people in favor of foreign interests.

In these challenging times, we must remember the words of Thomas Jefferson, who said, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” We must remain vigilant and support those who stand for the principles that define America, even in the face of overwhelming opposition.

Congressman Thomas Massie embodies the spirit of independence and commitment to the Constitution that we should all aspire to. It is time for us to stand with him and demand that our representatives prioritize the interests of the American people above all else.


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