Thermonuclear Endgame Creeps Forward

by | Dec 14, 2022


It looks like things are about to get a lot more serious in Ukraine.

This provocative move is a direct and deliberate violation of a primary Russian red line. Russia has warned it will not tolerate USG and NATO offensive missiles on its border in Ukraine. It considers any such move a threat to its national security. The threat is compounded by the Biden administration’s call for weakening Russia and overthrowing Vladimir Putin, the elected president.

But it gets worse.

In short, a NATO nation will target Russian aircraft, thus inviting retaliation by Russia. This is precisely what Biden and BoJo want—an excuse to invoke Article 5 of the NATO charter.

If that happens, WWIII is inevitable.

So immense is the hubris and delusional thinking in Washington and London, it is believed a war to weaken and destroy Russia is actually something that can be accomplished without a thermonuclear war. This is what Gen. Petraeus thinks, as do the neocons and their second cousins, the “humanitarian interventionists.”

It’s not about Ukraine. It’s about saving the now creaky and teetering financial order shoved into place after the last world war. It’s about keeping the unipolar position of the neoliberal order, a position increasingly challenged by Russia and China.


The two missile defense systems that the US delivered to Poland this week are part of a weapons system upon which the US military has heavily relied for nearly 40 years.

The deployment, announced Thursday by Vice President Kamala Harris, is intended to deter Russia and boost Poland’s security amid western concerns that the Ukraine conflict could spill into NATO-aligned nations. (Emphasis added.)

Again, Russia considers the placement of Patriot missiles intended to target its aircraft in western Ukraine from a site in Poland a serious red line that is about to be crossed. Russia has warned NATO on this count several times.

Meanwhile, trouble is brewing in Kosovo, the remnant of another former Soviet possession, Yugoslavia, now Serbia in pieces.

The goal of Clinton and NATO’s bombing of Yugoslavia in 1998 was to divide the country along ethnic lines. It’s the same basic tactic used in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria, all with serious consequences for civilian populations.

A large part of the crime is that we are not told the truth about the toll on human life and the environment resulting from the neoliberal economic and social agenda. Instead, we are fed fairy tales about democracy and scary bedtime stories about evil Hitler-like villains.

Reprinted with permission from Kurt Nimmo on Geopolitics.
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