The War Tweets

by | May 10, 2019


It looks like Trump will get his “Jolly Little War” (as Eric Margolis pegged it) against Iran or Venezuela, although the newsfeeds say today it will be Iran.

It might change tomorrow. Who knows? Trump might have himself a two-front war against the Oil Evildoers. I recall another notorious character who made that mistake. He ended up a defeated nobody in Patagonia.

Maximum pressure. For instance, weaponized sanctions killing thousands in Venezuela, Iran, and North Korea.

Maximum pressure equals a maximum body count. It’s said sanctions on the people of Iran will motivate them to overthrow the mullahs. Fat chance. It will do the exact opposite. Bolton and Pompeo know this. Trump probably doesn’t, but then, as demonstrated on numerous occasions, he is no longer president when it comes to foreign policy.

Or feed its people. Pompeo the tank commander and Bolton the long term neocon know this will further degrade Iran’s economy and worsen conditions for the people.

The lesson of Iraq: if you starve and kill off the people slowly with sanctions and then when they’re the most vulnerable and unable to fight back, you launch another invasion and make the rubble bounce. At home among the Fox News-CNN-MSNBC indoctrinated citizenry, there are usually yellow ribbons, flags—flags… far as the eye can see!—and red-white-blue bumper stickers demanding fealty to the flag and war and the poor soldier who makes our freedom possible with his sacrifice on the altar of corporate vampirism.

Israel and the neocons have waited long enough for the American people to be tricked into fighting another war for their sake. So they need a false flag. But it’s not working out for them. They blew it in Venezuela, so it’s back to the drawing board on that one.

Meanwhile, Iran.

I can’t believe after all these years this B.S. still works. If it didn’t, you’d think they would give it up. Nope. They persist with the fairy tale. If Iran gets a nuke, Israel and the United States will be history, a smoldering radioactive wasteland. This idiocy assumes the Iranians are too stupid to realize such a move would guarantee their destruction.

Besides, nobody believes it. Not in the WH among the coven of neocons, not in the Pentagon among the brass, and not among the anointed and sub-committeed in Congress.

As a sovereign nation, Iran has the right to develop whatever the hell it wants, including nuclear weapons, although I believe this is a mistake.

Only when that nation is attacked by an outside aggressor does it have right to use violence against another state. It’s called international law, something the neocons have nothing but scorn and contempt for, along with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Sec. Mike is basically rallying the “international community” for an upcoming war that very well may go nuclear. Trump likes nukes same as boys like toys and besides, he was told the new generation of nukes are “usable” now. Uncle Sam’s new nukes can be “dialed down” to the appropriate lethality—a city block or half a nation, depending what grisly (and faked) videos Ivanka shows her father on any given day.

Trump’s just reading cue cards written by Stephen Miller, a collaborator tight with Steve Bannon and the nationalist-populist Breitbart Nation folks.

The United States is the only state to have actually used nuclear weapons, so I’d say it should destroy its stockpile for the safety of humanity instead of bullying states on a list of disfavored nations to be rubbed out.

Iran wants a nuke because it is an insurance policy against Uncle Psychopath invading and turning the country into a failed state, a smart-bomb broken state easily dominated and controlled.

How this corrupt little weasel became a senator, I’ll never know. Well, I think I know, but it’s a conspiracy theory.

Note the bully boy playground logic. If you guys attack my guys, I’ll attack all your guys and then we’ll see what happens.

Uh, Marco? Those 50,000 troops are occupying a country illegally invaded and destroyed, a country where the people hate our guts, mostly because we turned their advanced nation into a stinking raw sewage in the streets and depleted uranium dust in the air hellhole.

A “normal nation,” maybe like Saudi Arabia where teenagers have their heads separated from their bodies in true medieval fashion for the crime of saying something the government didn’t like, or maybe something they did consensually in the privacy of their own homes.

Or maybe Israel is a “normal nation,” seeing how this is about the Middle East.

A nation that has proudly enacted in true South African fashion a national racial and religious law making Jews first class citizens and everybody else second class, or maybe no class like the Palestinians.

A nation that tried its damnedest to ethnically cleanse all Arabs, failed, and has spent the last 70 years slowly reducing what it considers a demographic threat.

A state that keeps a minority Arab population in an open-air prison called the Gaza Strip—on occasion cleansed with the scouring effect of artillery and missiles—while slowly gobbling up the West Bank with illegal settler communities. Some of these settlers have done terrible things to the local Arabs, including running them over with cars, shooting them, flooding their olive groves with sewage, etc.

For a nation to become normal, it must be regarded as a mad animal capable of killing everything that walks on the earth.

A normal nation tells other countries by way of gunboat diplomacy what banks and corporations they will do business with, what products they can export, what happens to their national infrastructure (privatization), and finally if the leader of that nation—tyrant, monarch, socialist, democrat, nationalist, some acceptable version of malleable statist—steps out of line like Noriega, Saddam, or Gadafi, they will be dealt with in brutal fashion and their citizens will be slaughtered in the tens and hundreds of thousands.

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