The Neocons’ Lament

by | Jan 21, 2015


Neo-cons constantly lament, “If we had only done this….” when desperately trying to explain the mess the US has caused in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. They can’t deny our government’s involvement, so they must find someone to blame. It’s never our policy of foreign intervention that’s at fault. It’s always the peaceniks who hinder them from expanding the war.

Even after the tragedy of the Vietnam war, the neo-cons still argue that the war ended too soon and, “If only we had done this,” we could have won the war! The cost in life and limb is never an issue for them, nor is the inevitable failure that comes regardless of how many people are killed

Looking at the total failure of our Middle East policy, the question we should ask — and the American people deserve an answer – is, “If we had NOT done this,” i.e. invaded and occupied the various countries in the Middle East, would the world not have been a lot better off?


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