The Disposable Veterans

by | Jul 28, 2016


The obituary says he “lost his battle with PTSD.” He lost his battle for freedom and a quality life once he signed up to be used as cannon fodder for the US Government.


Ketchum had been struggling with PTSD and substance abuse after returning home from his three tours overseas. He had deployed twice to Iraq as a Marine combat engineer where his job was to clear roadside explosives. He also served once in Afghanistan in the Army National Guard.

While serving, he had been through several explosions and ended up with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI’s) and concussions.

Imagine what he went through? Another young life thrown into the snake pit, deemed to be worthless by all who provoke, maintain, and ratchet up wars, and then legitimize and sanction their use and disposal of these men through massive campaigns of military hero-worship. When the NFL and NBA and MLB promote their hero worship of all things military, why don’t they wheel these guys onto the field and tell their story on the Jumbotron? Nah, that’s not good for “business.”

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