The Commissar Goes Collectivist

by | Aug 30, 2013

Neocon commissar, Jennifer Rubin, is high on war fever. With no rational argument available to justify U.S. aggression against Syria, she falls back on good ‘ole collectivism:

Assad’s crimes are not merely against Syrians but against the civilized world.

Wow! Assad (without any proof whatsoever) has now used chemical weapons against “the civilized world”. Talk about a statement of desperation!

First of all, every use of violence against the innocent is an act of aggression that is wrong, immoral, and a violation of private property. There is no reason to single out chemicals over bullets and bombs. Aggression against the innocent is a criminal act no matter what tool is used.

It’s a sad reality, but innocent people are killed all over the world, and at all times of the day. However, in no way do these individual instances constitute an attack on everyone else that is still alive!

When innocent people are gunned down in Chicago (which has some of the strictest gun control laws in the U.S.) it would be absurd to say that the attacks are also being carried out against the people in Los Angeles, or Tokyo, or Beijing.

It’s just as absurd for Rubin to say that Assad (again, without proof) using chemical weapons on the victims in Syria is attacking “the civilized world.” What exactly constitutes “the civilized world” anyway? Can Rubin point it out for us? Of course she can’t!

Rubin goes on:

We either support and enforce an international regimen in which such conduct results in forfeiture of power, or we invite moral chaos.

Obviously, in Rubin’s eyes, “we,” (meaning Obama and the Military Machine) are the leaders of her version of “the civilized world.” This unauthorized and fictional designation, must make Assad forfeit power.

Rubin desperately wants Obama and Machine to use aggressive violence to kill even more people than were killed in the original chemical attack. Not do so would “invite moral chaos”!

Hopefully, dear reader, the insanity that is proposed here is easy for you to detect. The U.S. government is in essence saying to the Syrian people: “If you think your leader is rotten for killing hundreds of innocents, wait until you see us kill many thousands!”

“Moral chaos” is word-for-word a description of current U.S. foreign policy. It does nothing but create enemies of all stripes. The only thing that the U.S. government must do is return to a foreign policy of ‘peace, commerce, and no entangling alliances’.