Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Sequester – Trust?

by | May 1, 2013

Syria: So now we have the emergence of supposed proof of Assad’s government being in violation of the self assigned “red line” of poison gas use against the rebels. Let’s see the proof. Let’s see and hear something beyond Andrea Mitchell beating her drum for war. This is especially important on this week when the arch deceiver is fawned over at his presidential library. He still does not admit that his administration chose to believe fabricated information in the matter of Iraq’s posession of nuclear weapons and poison gas. Now we have Obama and his Sancho Panza man (Biden) walking the American people toward war in Syria in pursuit of god knows what interest of the US. Don’t think for a minute that a “no fly zone” over Syria is anythng but war against the Syrian government. There would be massive movement of air assets to Turkey, Israel and Jordan. There would be sufficient air to air combat to destroy the Syrian Air Force. There would be Search Air Rescue operations in Syria for downed air crew. And at the end there would be a Saudi satellite jihadi state in Syria. We should be trusting about this?

Iraq: Civil War on sectarian lines has begun again in Iraq. We were told that we had done a good thing in Iraq. GW Bush still says we did. What good did we do? We replaced one dictator with someone who is rapidly becoming another. The government of Iraq is at war with the Sunni Arab population. Is that not clear?

Afghanistan: Is it not clear that our effort to transform Afghanustan has failed? Is it not clear that we should leave as soon as possible and stop throwng good money and people after bad and foolish efforts?

The Sequester: In the gun fight in the senate, the Obama Administration used every trick of propaganda and tear jerking to try to get its way. All those efforts failed, failed miserably. Now the same techique is being used to try to influence the American people to force the Congress to adopt Obama’s budget. IMO sequester cuts are being structured to cause maximum pain and inconvenenience to the general public. White House tours are cut. National monuments are closed. Air traffic controllers are laid off so as to cause delays in air traffic with travelers waiting hours in aircraft for take offs. At the same time, major defense contracters report no change in their bottom line. that will probably change but for now…

Should we be trusting?


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