Stopping School Shootings

by | May 31, 2022


The tragic murder of innocent school children and teachers in Uvalde Texas is once again being used by the radical left to attack our second amendment rights. During a hastily called press conference poor old doddering Joe Biden angrily decried what he called semi-automatic rifles “weapons of war” and implied anyone who owned such a weapon did so with the intent to murder other human beings.

Just for a moment, let’s do a little thought experiment. Suppose Joe managed to eliminate all types of guns in the hands of citizens overnight. No more handguns, no more rifles, no more shotguns, nothing. Guns are kaput!

Would it be possible for a mentally impaired maniac like the shooter in Uvalde to use something other than a gun to murder innocent school children? What if he ran in the school with a couple of quart mason jars full of gasoline and splattered them in the class room and then lit it off? What if he stole a big bulldozer and used it to smash through the wall and crush anyone in the way?

What I’m driving at is guns are NOT the problem, it’s the troubled souls who use them to murder. That said we will never stop school shootings by restricting access to firearms. But what we can do is make any potential maniac think twice before entering any school and shooting children and teachers.

How do we accomplish this? One option would be to train and arm teachers willing to protect their students. But school teaching seems to attract an overabundance of lefties who hate the second amendment and insist their school should be a “Gun Free Zone”. And since everybody knows schools are “Gun Free Zones” there is no fear of armed resistance for the nut jobs that barge in shooting the place up.

According to there are 97,568 public schools in the United States as of 2020. What would it cost to put two armed guards in every school across the country? Well let’s put this in perspective. As you know Congress has allotted over $53 BILLION to Ukraine over the past few months to save our democracy!

Are the lives of our school children worth protecting as much as a totally corrupt, Nazi infested regime in Ukraine?

Well if you do the math you’ll discover that for about $125,000 annually per public school we could hire two armed guards to protect the kids. That works out to $12 Billion $200 Million dollars or about 22 percent of what’s been earmarked for Ukraine. And with all the out-of-work police who saw their departments defunded by the woke crowd there should be no shortage of qualified applicants to protect the kids.

Then the main stream media could trumpet the fact that every school in America would have multiple armed guards on campus. Schools would be able to adequately protect their students and teachers with armed, trained guards on site. No, we’ll never be able to completely stop some nut from killing innocent school children regardless of their weapon of choice. But we can let them know they will be met with a hail of bullets if they show up with a weapon.

Are our kids worth 22 percent of what’s going to Ukraine to keep them safe from nut jobs like the Uvalde shooter? We’ll see soon enough.