Soros-Founded Group Seeks Trump Overthrow

by | Feb 16, 2017


The organization known as AVAAZ is best recognized for its involvement in regime-change actions overseas. The organization was founded in 2007 by ResPublica and, two groups funded in the millions of dollars by billionaire troublemaker George Soros. Since then it has never seen a (US government-favored) overthrow overseas that it didn’t actively participate in.

When the “Green Revolution” broke out in Iran in 2009, AVAAZ was right there, acting as one would expect from covert foreign intelligence operatives rather than NGOs:

During the 2009 Green Movement uprising in Iran, for example, Avaaz set up a network of proxy servers to allow protesters to post videos from the streets.

AVAAZ has been a key player in establishing false narratives that push the US government toward intervention in places like Libya and Syria. The organization does this by spending millions on the ground in these countries targeted for US “regime change” smuggling in video equipment to create propaganda videos of questionable authenticity, which are then widely distributed by a mainstream media that never looks at motives.

In Syria, the group’s efforts were coordinated with and praised by armed opposition groups. As Time Magazine reported on the videos produced with equipment provided by AVAAZ:

Such imagery has been used by the Syrian opposition in their efforts to spur Western governments to action against the regime.

It is designed to make the case for regime change and for US military action overseas.

In Libya, AVAAZ was a leading voice mobilizing people to demand a no-fly zone, which set the stage for the eventual US intervention and destruction of the country.

It is important to understand that many thousands of innocent people have been killed worldwide when the policies espoused by AVAAZ have been followed.

Lately, AVAAZ has set its sights on the United States. It is pushing on its members a petition to the US House and Senate urging that President Trump be impeached and removed from office. The text of the petition reads as follows:

From the moment he’s taken office, Donald Trump and members of his family have been profiteering off the presidency at the expense of our democracy, and in violation of the Constitution. We call on you to begin impeachment proceedings against Trump immediately.


The petition has collected just short of a million signatures. The “regime change” operation has moved onshore and no matter what one thinks of Donald Trump, representative government is undermined far more by organizations like AVAAZ than a president subject to the vote of the American people.


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