Some Sanity in a Covid Con World

by | Dec 22, 2021


Here’s a timely story of freedom winning out over Covid tyranny. I was scheduled to have a dental cleaning and called the dentist’s office to let them know I could not wear a face mask safely so would that be a problem? Oh no I was told, simply wait in your car and the hygienist will come get you when it’s your turn.

A couple of days later when I got to the dentist’s office I noticed the waiting room was closed and everybody was waiting in their car to be escorted into the office one by one? Before long a young lady fully gowned, gloved and masked made her way to my car. I opened the door and she stuck a thermal thermometer up to my forehead.

Not so much as a, “Good morning Mr. Harris I’d like to check your temperature just-in-case.” Then, noticing I didn’t have a face mask on she cheerily asked me to put one on. I replied that I cannot wear a facemask safely and I called ahead to confirm this would not be a problem.

Somewhat perturbed I marched into the “closed” waiting room with the CDC Guidance stickers all over the door: stay six feet apart, wear a mask, don’t shake hands, cough in your elbow, etc, etc. The poor hygienist ran after me, “You CAN’T go in there without a mask!” she wailed. Too late, I was inside, mask free, and the good dentist appeared after a minute or so.

I explained that I’d called ahead and was told not to worry about the mask and now I’m being asked to put one on? The poor dentist was a nervous wreck! He said the state Dental Board required him to follow CDC Guidance or he could lose his license! I asked him if he wanted my business or not and I was immediately ushered into the operatory, mask free!

My wife and I had used this dental practice for 17 years and really liked them, until this occurred. I called another dental practice in town referred by a neighbor to see if they were using the same crazy Covid Con. “I’m calling to ask about your Covid protocol because my wife and I cannot wear face masks safely. Is that a problem?” Imagine my surprise when the receptionists said, “Not at all, no one has to wear a mask if they don’t want to. In fact our staff doesn’t wear masks unless they are working on you.” she said.

I mentioned the other dental office insisted they had to follow CDC guidelines? “Well, actually each Dental office can decide for themselves if they want to follow CDC Guidelines or not. We simply ask that you use common sense and not come in if you’re not feeling well. That’s worked for us just fine.”

What a breath of fresh air! A dental office that was following common sense instead of mindlessly falling in line with the Covid crazies. Not everyone has drunk the Covid coolaid. Patronize those businesses that value liberty and freedom. They’re out there but you have to look for them.