Sen. Lindsey Graham in Israel: ‘We Will Follow Your Lead’

by | Dec 30, 2014


Imagine the reaction if a sitting United States Senator travelled to France, or Russia, or Saudi Arabia and assured the foreign leader that the US lawmaking body would “follow your lead” when it comes to a decision on whether “more sanctions, and stronger sanctions” should be placed on a third country. That a US government official would openly subject his own country’s policies to the national interest of another country seems to be unpatriotic by definition.

But Senator Graham was not in France, or Russia, or Saudi Arabia last weekend. He was in Israel, and he was assuring Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that his colleagues in Congress would do whatever Netanyahu wanted when it came to US policy toward Iran.

At a press conference with Prime Minister Netanyahu, Senator Graham pledged that all of his colleagues would continue to put Israel’s needs first when it came to US foreign policy, predicting of the next, Republican-controlled House and Senate:

You will see a very vigorous Congress, when it comes to Iran. You will see a Congress making sure sanctions are real and will be re-imposed at the drop of a hat.

The fate of one country determines the fate of the other.

God bless the people of Israel, and you can count on the United States Congress, Republican and Democrat, to be there for you when you need us the most.

The Senator added a heavy dose of old-fashioned racism about Iran and its population, which will most definitely not be reported upon critically by the US government-friendly mainstream media:

Mr. Prime Minister, of all the leaders in the entire world, you’ve had the most consistent message regarding Iran: Beware of the Iranians – they lie, they cheat.

Imagine if Senator Graham had made this statement about Mexicans or black Africans…or Israelis. He would rightly be called to the carpet. Last year US Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman said of Iranians that “deception is in their DNA.” Her career has flourished after the racist remark.

As is often the case, Senator Graham ventured into the realm of the bizarre in expressing his obsequiousness toward Netanyahu’s right-wing government, suggesting that anyone who travels to the United States and does not believe that Iran is developing a nuclear weapon will not be allowed to operate a motor vehicle in the country:

To those who believe the Iranians have not been trying to develop a nuclear weapon, if you come to America, you should not be allowed to drive on our highways.

That should make for very interesting entrance interviews at all major US entry points and car rental counters: “Purpose of visit to the United States? Do you believe Iran is developing a nuclear weapon?”

How long before he introduces legislation to deny the rest of us the right to drive should we reject his assertions (unsupported by the US Intelligence Community) that Iran is building a nuke?

Anyone wishing to understand what is wrong with US foreign policy need only turn to the twisted, unpatriotic personage of Senator Lindsey Graham. The neocons continue to destroy the United States with seeming impunity.


  • Daniel McAdams

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