Rubin & Rubio Try To Keep Conservatives In Line

by | Jul 22, 2014

Marco Rubio

Panic time for neocons! Another poll has been released showing American disdain for the sprawling US military empire. This time Politico hands a piece of kryptonite to the warmongers. An incredible two out of three Americans want the US to stay out of foreign conflicts that are not a direct threat to US national security.

Jennifer Rubin the hectoring commissar is surely not happy. She trots out a quote from neocon Senator Marco Rubio to quell any conservative doubters that may come into contact with libertarian non-interventionists:

At its core, conservatism is not an anti-government movement, and it’s not a no-government. The conservative movement is about government playing its important yet limited role, and about not falling into the trap of believing that every problem has an exclusive government answer for it.

It’s funny that Jennifer Rubin would use this quote, because if you go back to April of last year, she quotes Senator Rubio as bemoaning the following:

America is becoming less capable of projecting power and deterring conflict wherever it arises.

That doesn’t sound even remotely close to a “limited role” for the US, but more like the “trap” that Rubio warns of. The US government was not formed to “project power” but to be an example of “liberty”. America’s founders specifically warned not to get into foreign conflicts “wherever they arise”.

Bottom line?

Rubin & Rubio are both bloodthirsty warhawks who will use “limited government” rhetoric whenever they feel it’s necessary. They desperately need conservatives to keep going along with the empire’s adventures.

Fortunately, the libertarian non-interventionist argument is resonating.

Both Liberals and Conservatives are coming around to the message that peace is a very good thing.

Rubin and Rubio’s time has passed whether they know it or not.