RPI To Storm Washington? We’re Almost There!

by | Apr 12, 2016


Anyone following our work at the Ron Paul Institute who is not yet a subscriber to our updates (you really oughta subscribe!) may not have heard the latest on our planned foreign policy conference in Washington, D.C. for sometime in the early summer. In a blog post last week, we asked whether a few generous donors would like to form a Host Committee to help us put on the conference, and we estimated that a minimum of $5,000 would be required to put on the event and make sure it is to be properly record for the wider audience.

The response has been really great! Several of our long-time supporters — and some new ones — have told us they definitely want to be listed among the major sponsors of the event, and it looks like we are right around the minimum level we need to move ahead into the concrete planning stage. Because at this point we are only asking for pledges, however, we would like to keep the invitation to join the Host Committee open for a couple more members in case a pledge or two does not come through.

So we are going to keep a couple of more slots open to anyone who would like to be counted among the major sponsors of the conference. As Senior Fellow Adam Dick wrote last week:

Donors for the conference will be recognized as the conference’s Host Committee. Host Committee members will receive special perks, including an invitation to a private VIP reception with Ron Paul, additional conference speakers, and other notable people. Host Committee members will also have the satisfaction of knowing that their generous support enabled the conference to occur.

If you are excited about making this conference featuring Ron Paul a reality and are interested in pledging a tax-deductible donation of $500 or more earmarked for that purpose, please email me at adam@ronpaulinstitute.org.

We are going to bring Ron Paul and his message of peace and prosperity to the debate in this election year. We are going to make the case for a non-interventionist foreign policy. And yes, we are going to name some names of those who are trying to lead this country down the road to oblivion with their constant demands for more intervention, more wars, and more empire. Join us!


  • Daniel McAdams

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