Ron Paul’s Policies: A Threat to America?

by | Jun 13, 2013

So says Senator Lindsey Graham. This week, asked about NSA leaker Edward Snowden’s apparent support for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign, the Senator magnanimously told Slate reporter David Weigel that he did not necessarily believe donating to Ron Paul’s campaign should disqualify someone from receiving a security clearance, as that is just “exercising [the] right to participate in the political process.”

Besides, said Graham,

“Ron Paul isn’t a threat to America. His policies are.”

The ideas of Liberty are like kryptonite to the neo-con mind, which seeks conquest, subjugation and obedience. Lindsey Graham embodies that mindset like no other: faced with the ideas of liberty and the policies produced by the ideas of liberty, he recoils in horror!

David Frum gives us another example of this mindset in his response to the heroic deeds of Edward Snowden. Frum tweets:

“The alternative to the NSA model (computer-powered search of probabilities) is the TSA model of next, next, next.”

The idea that we may live freely, without being spied on by government, or groped by its employees, is not an option in Frum’s mind.

In the neo-con world, should the word liberty come up, it must be quickly swept aside as insignificant and antiquated. Peter Wehner displays how this is done:

“…while conservatism gives appropriate reverence to liberty as a political principle, it understands that a devotion to liberty is not enough to sustain a society, or an individual human life.”

In other words, you’ll have as much liberty as your masters (who claim the right to monitor your every move) deem appropriate.

The stream of controversies that have hit government over recent months have given us many more open ears and open minds to reach. It is up to us to educate and share with others the beautiful ideas of Liberty.

The Neocons will fight tooth and nail to keep fear, apprehension, and paranoia in the limelight. For liberty does nothing but throw a monkey wrench into their nefarious plans.

The major battle is over which America shall prevail: the original version, which was grounded in the principles of liberty, peace, commerce and non-intervention. Or, the modern neo-con version, which is grounded on surveillance, war, cronyism and Empire.

The victory will go to the side whose ideas captivate the hearts and minds of the American public.