Ron Paul: ‘Why Are We Droning Yemen?’

by | Apr 24, 2014


With news this week that US drones have killed 55 more people in Yemen, Ron Paul is concerned that US drone policy is only making the US position on the Arabian peninsula worse, is only making us more hated, and is only boosting al-Qaeda recruitment in the area.

In his latest video for the Ron Paul Channel, Dr. Paul points out that lately the US constantly lectures Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, on Ukraine, saying that violating the sovereignty of another country is not the way people and countries should act in the 21st century. It sounds good, says Dr. Paul, but what about the US doing the same thing in Yemen? What about the continuation of drone warfare?

Dr. Paul reminds viewers that the individuals killed in the most recent drone attacks were suspects. They were not proven to have committed any crime, they were not proven to have been members of al-Qaeda or any terrorist organization. Yet they were nevertheless targeted for death by US drones and the sovereignty of Yemen was violated in the process.

What is the process for determining who to kill? It is just a few Obama Administration people meeting in secret to determine who is to be targeted, says Dr. Paul. What do we know about the criteria? We have the right to know, he says, and thanks to a recent court ruling we may know a bit more than we do know now.

Watch RPI CEO Ron Paul here.


  • Daniel McAdams

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