Ron Paul: Victory For Peace Candidate Walter Jones is Great News

by | May 12, 2014

RP Walter Jones

The war party did everything they could to defeat pro-peace Republican Walter Jones in the North Carolina primary last week, said Ron Paul, but in the end Rep. Jones prevailed. One important lesson from the victory, Dr. Paul pointed out, was that you can represent a district with a heavy US military presence and still oppose the unnecessary wars urged by the US neocons. The American public is rapidly waking up to the necessity of a non-interventionist foreign policy, said Dr. Paul, and they are coming to understand that the real isolationists are the ones who demand sanctions and tariffs on other countries.

A special bonus for us here at the Ron Paul Institute was Dr Paul’s very kind words about RPI’s work beginning at 9:39.

Listen to the whole commentary here.


  • Daniel McAdams

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