Ron Paul is Right About Terrorism

by | Nov 15, 2015


I saw George Stephanopolous and his panel of Bill Kristol and 3 other neocons this morning. They all agreed: Trump is dead because people will want a man experienced in government and foreign and intelligence affairs, like the puppet Rubio. Or like the heads of the French state? Also, the US must invade Syria, murder Assad, install al-Qaeda, and finish the destruction of that country for the benefit of the empire and the local mini-empire. An anti-Islamist Arab leader cannot be allowed to continue in office. See Sadddam Hussein and Khadaffi.

No hint anyplace of Ron Paul’s warning about blowback. France has been killing Muslim civilians in North Africa and the Middle East for more than 2 centuries, to maintain its control and its looting. Now it does so as a US satrap. In all modern wars, civilians comprise the vast majority of deaths and maimings. Of course, the Muslims were horrifically wrong to attack civilians. But only (some) Christians agree with Jesus Christ on such matters. Not anyone else. But is direct terrorism worse than the remote terrorism of drones and fighter-bombers? Like all forms of warfare, it is to be bitterly condemned. But the Kristolian notion that the answer to terrorism is more killing and destruction, and a massive, new war, is insane. Or, it would be insane if he were not, like all neocons, a destructivist, a the-worse-the-better kind of guy, like Lenin.

Want to stop terrorism? Ron Paul had it right: get out of Muslim countries. Stop bombing. Stop installing dictators. Stop stealing. Stop intervening. Stop killing.

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