Ron Paul: ‘Help!’

by | Nov 20, 2014


Dear Friends:

Looking at the entrance to the little, spartan headquarters of my Institute for Peace and Prosperity here in Clute, Texas, I wonder how long it will be here. Not long, I am afraid, without your help.

I marvel at how much has been achieved with so little over the past year and a half. My tiny Ron Paul Institute has become an antiwar powerhouse, publishing thousands of cutting-edge articles challenging the politicians, the warmongering neocons, and the mainstream media. Our small staff, led by my long-time Congressional foreign policy advisor Daniel McAdams, has been featured in hundreds of television and radio interviews all over the world. That is bang for the buck!

When last summer it looked like the neocons would get away with bombing Syria, my Institute went into high gear. One by one we refuted the lies served up by the neocons and the mainstream media. Had US bombs fallen on the Syrian government last summer, the black flag of al-Qaeda or ISIS would now be flying in Damascus. And Syria’s Christian community, dating back to the time of Christ, would be obliterated.

We’ve done a lot, but we have so much more to do. That is why it would break my heart if I should have to shut down the Ron Paul Institute. We don’t constantly bombard our friends and supporters for money. But the truth is, the wolf is at the door. I am very worried and I need your help.

If we cannot get some help from our friends and followers, I will be forced to place a Closed sign on our little building, and to shut down the intellectual powerhouse it contains. Won’t you consider a tax-deductible contribution?

Closing my Institute for Peace and Prosperity would have all the neocons toasting each other in champagne. It would break my heart, not just because it would silence the most effective center for the ideas we share, but because of what it would mean for the whole country – and even the world.

The Ron Paul Institute is the continuation of my work in Congress, on the presidential campaign trail, and as a writer and speaker for more than forty years. It is holding the line against compromise, and it is needed now more than ever. Who would have imagined that in 2014 we would be facing the possibility of a world-ending atomic war? Yet that is just what the neocons and the interventionists are provoking in their obsession with provoking Russia.

The Obama Administration has started yet another multi-billion dollar war in the Middle East, a region where Christians have managed to survive for 2,000 years. They are now being slaughtered by radical jihadists armed with US weapons! ISIS and al-Qaeda were nowhere to be found before the US launched its war against Iraq — a war based on lies pushed by the rabidly pro-Israel neocons who believed it would help that country dominate the region. How wrong they were and are. But someone has to point it out. That is our job.

I need your help. If you value what I have done over the past forty years, please consider lending a hand in the most important battle of my life. The Ron Paul Institute is our future, and I want to make sure it continues to grow and prosper as the legacy of my lifetime dedication to peace, prosperity, international dialogue, and civil liberties. Indeed, I want to make sure it survives, and right now, it may not.

Won’t you please make your most generous, tax-deductible donation to my Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity? Your help is urgently needed. Our bank account is almost empty.

Your support means we can continue this fight, our fight.

You can make a one-time donation by clicking here. Or you could make a recurring donation to the Institute here, which would help very much with our future planning. If we have a future…

I cannot thank you enough for sticking with me all these years. We have many more great years to come, and I hope you will continue to be at my side.



Ron Paul

PS Your donation can help me wipe the smirks off the neocons faces. They think they have won, but our youth support shows that is not true. But it could be true, if I have to close down the Ron Paul Institute. I pray I will not have to.


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