Ron Paul: Don’t Blame Putin For Malaysian Jet Shoot Down

by | Jul 18, 2014

RPI Chairman Ron Paul was on NewsMax today to discuss yesterday’s apparent shooting down of a Malaysian Airlines plane over eastern Ukraine. While the US media and the Obama administration have jumped to the conclusion that the Russians (or their “proxies”) must have done it, Dr. Paul says, “not so fast!”

Putin is a little bit smarter than that…I don’t think he would ever come close to participating in an act like this, said Dr. Paul when it was suggested that the Russian president purposely sent weapons to separatists in eastern Ukraine that were used to shoot down the plane.

Dr. Paul reminds us that the problems in Ukraine did not begin with the separatists in the east, but with the US-instigated coup in Kiev months before:

It’s pretty evident that the whole problem in Ukraine started approximately a year ago when the Europeans, along with the United States, overthrew an elected government and overthrew [former Ukrainian president Viktor] Yanukovych — insisting that there’d be civil strife over there.

Dr. Paul advised that all sides use great caution until we know the facts of what happened:

Under these circumstances, it’s very difficult to get the real information so everybody’s angling to propagandize and make their position known… It’d be unwise to say, well, the Russians did it, or the Ukrainian government did it, or the rebels did it.

Watch the interview:


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