Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan With Charles Goyette: What a Show!

by | Apr 18, 2014

RP Buchanan

Nevada and Ukraine are on the menu when Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan join Charles Goyette in this week’s podcast. What a great double-header!

First up, Dr. Paul and Charles Goyette speak in detail about the recent Bundy ranch standoff in Nevada.

Dr. Paul discusses the tragedy of the commons, where a seeming paradox reigns: when everybody owns something (through the government) in reality nobody really owns it and nobody can really use it. At that point, he says, the special interests come in and take over and manipulate the use of the land to their advantage.

Dr. Paul did say that he wished there had been a lot more people show up to protest and a lot fewer guns. With guns, there is a great deal of danger and the government has a lot more guns than the opposition, he added. He strongly supports civil disobedience and peaceful protest but not the initiation of violence. The Founders did realize that at some point the tyranny gets so bad that it may be used, he said, but he was pleased that the violence did not break out.

Dr. Paul warned that the government does not like to give up, so the danger is far from over.

Next up on the podcast is Pat Buchanan, discussing the post Cold War error and US mistakes that have led us at the brink of a conflict with Russia. Pushing NATO right up to Russia’s doorstep even though the Cold War, and with it NATO’s raison d’etre, was over, was a huge mistake, Buchanan says.

Buchanan blames the neoconservatives for a good deal of the current problem. They want the US involved in every conflict in every continent and every country, he said. That will bankrupt this country or, even worse, get us in some enormous war that would be even worse.

On US meddling on Russia’s border, Buchanan makes the excellent point that the US has historically used force to defend its interests when its borders or people are harassed. Said Buchanan, “don’t we understand that there are major countries in the world that feel just as we do?”

Listen to this extremely informative program here.


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