Peter Wehner Feels the Antiwar Heat

by | Sep 10, 2013

Neocon Peter Wehner is a bit wobbly from the extremely strong anti-war sentiment of the American public. He writes:

For the United States to go to war with around a quarter of the nation supporting intervention–even before the bombing has started–is a very dicey and unsettling proposition.

Wehner feels that if Obama attacks Syria despite Congress, and things go badly as a result, it will only strengthen the non-interventionists.

He then warns his fellow neocon destroyers-in-arms:

Those who favor an active role by America in the world–hawks who have spent their lives rightly resisting the “America Come Home” siren call–need to be wise in their counsel. Because if the next military engagement isn’t well thought out, well executed, and doesn’t lead to a relatively swift and decent outcome, the blowback could be intense.

Typical neocon, already thinking about “the next military engagement”. Any guess as to what he’s most likely talking about? Here’s a clue: The target name begins with an “I” and ends with an “N”.

If Congress does in fact rebuke Obama’s war plans against Syria, then a powerful precedent will be set. It would be a key victory for the champions of peace, and a possible springboard in opposing “the next military engagement”.

RPI Advisory Board Member, Lew Rockwell, said it best of the challenges that lay ahead:

The worldwide peace offensive, led and inspired by Ron Paul, is extremely difficult for the regime to handle. We still have huge work ahead, against the warmongers and the merchants of death, but we can certainly be of good cheer.